Trump says Cruz won Iowa Caucuses by committing fraud

Needless to say, holding the Iowa caucuses for a second time seems rather unlikely, but these latest broadsides should only intensify the increasingly contentious battle between Trump and Cruz.

Christie places sixth in the state with 5 percent support, followed by retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 4 percent support and business executive Carly Fiorina at 3 percent support.

Irrespective of these claims, Cruz apologized to Carson on Tuesday while dismissing Trumps tweets, by referring to his attacks as a "Trump-er tantrum".

Cruz himself teased Trump on Twitter on Wednesday, suggesting his rival become a Democrat and linking to one of his anti-Trump ads.

The tycoon went on to accuse the Cruz campaign of sending mailers to "thousands" of Iowa voters that were created to look like "voter violation" certificates.

During a brief press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Carson addressed what some have described as a dirty tactic. Trump said that he spent the least money and had been way behind in the state.

"A vision for a New American Century that resonated across a broad spectrum of caucus-goers, and a campaign built from the ground-up over the last few months that was ready to persuade and turn out the vote", the statement added. He never caught on with voters beyond the small group of libertarian-leaning Republicans who backed the previous White House bids of his father, Ron Paul.

Google weighs using anti-jihad results to fight terrorism
The effort by Google is being rolled out in concert with a plan to make extremist videos on YouTube less discoverable. Google and Facebook declined to give figures publically.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has a significant gap to overcome in the statewide polls if she wants to defeat Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders following her razor-thin victory in Iowa.

Also on Wednesday, Rand Paul, a Republican who represents the Libertarian wing on the party, dropped out of the race on Wednesday after finishing fifth in Iowa.

The Senator from Florida, Rubio came a close third in Iowa surprising many with his performance.

Polls show well over half of Republican voters have yet to make up their minds.

A decision in this regard was taken by the newly formed "Indian Americans for Trump 2016" - a political action committee - at its meeting in New Jersey on Tuesday.

Candidates are also looking ahead to the more diverse SC, which holds the first primary in the South later this month.



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