Jeb Bush and Chris Christie Hanging on in New Hampshire

"This is the first primary in the country that's going to get to answer the question, 'What happens next to America, '" Rubio said.

Voters here are known for making their decisions in the last 72 hours.

GOP voter Judy McKenna, 66, had been leaning toward Rubio, but said she was "disappointed" in his debate performance.

Donald Trump lumbered into a Manchester diner on Sunday morning and while he ordered eggs and bacon, it was clear that what he was really hungry for was votes. Rubio remains inside the bubble his campaign has built around him.

Donald Trump's lead in New Hampshire has widened even-after he passed on a Fox debate on the eve of the Iowa caucus and then surprisingly lost to Sen. "There are some others I'd say that about", Christie said.

One woman said she just wanted to see and hear all of the candidates in person.

"I'm the father of two little girls". "I don't want to train anybody on the job", said D'Angelo, 66, a recently retired college professor and interior designer who lives in Windham, N.H. "And that's how I'll make up my mind". The New Jersey governor noted that he opposes abortion rights, but unlike the Florida senator, he also supports rape and incest exceptions.

Oh. So everybody else was so good nobody noticed Chris Christie being better than the rest of them at absolutely demolishing the establishment's favored champion.

When Rubio repeated the same line again, Christie sought to reinforce the charge that Rubio is so inexperienced that he relies on well-worn talking points and can not think on his feet. "I used to like Christie, but now I don't".

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Rubio was back on message Sunday. Sure, Rubio has failed to capitalize on his third place finish in Iowa (can anyone build momentum from a third place finish?), but he also didn't sink to the bottom of the pack as a result of his disastrous performance.

"Actually, I would pay them to keep running that clip, because that's what I believe passionately", he said.

From their movements and remarks on Sunday, you'd think New Hampshire is unimportant in the race for president.

A Monmouth University survey released Sunday, still shows Trump with a commanding double-digit lead over his Republican rivals, with 30 percent of likely Republican primary voters saying they would vote for him.

And when MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough told him that some say 5ft 10in Rubio wears the boots to boost his height, he replied that he "doesn't have a height issue". At a Watch party for the game, he wasted no time acknowledging Saturday night's debate and the searing criticism.

He attacked President Obama's trade deals; slammed "incompetent politicians;" and blasted the Republican National Committee for not giving his supporters enough tickets to Saturday night's debate (which he said he won).

Christie reveled in the punches he landed on Rubio. "I'm glad the American people are getting to see this before they make a mistake", he told Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday".

Trump declined in the Meet the Press interview to elaborate on his remarks at the Republican debate Saturday that he'd bring back waterboarding - which is banned by the Army Field Manual - and would embrace tactics a "hell of a lot worse than waterboarding". Lindsey Graham, for his final push.

At seemingly every turn, Christie zeroed in on Rubio, pelting him with zingers about his inexperience and record in Washington. Are you anxious that you hurt Marco Rubio and not help yourself?



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