Supreme Court Halts Obama Power Plant 'Power Grab'

Supreme Court Halts Obama Power Plant 'Power Grab'

Implementation of the plan is also considered key to the United States meeting targets in a global climate agreement signed in Paris last month.

Tom Donahue, chief executive officer of the US Chamber of Commerce, said the high court stay "will ensure that America will not be forced to make costly and irreversible implementation decisions based upon an unprecedented regulation until judicial review is complete". In fact, the case involved a Utah power plant operated by Deseret Power. Once again, The Supreme Court halted President Obama going around Congress.

Robert Verchick, Chair of Environmental Law at Loyola University, says the Clean Power Plan encourages investment in clean energy, like wind and solar.

The court decision puts the Clean Power Plan on hold as a USA appeals court considers the merits of the lawsuits.

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell issued a statement saying the court's decision "is the latest sign" the EPA rules may not be legal. Hickenlooper believes he should have the authority in deciding whether the state sues over the Clean Power Plan.

Obama says his Supreme Court nominee will be 'indisputably' qualified
Right-wing critics of President Barack Obama have contended in other situations that he has not followed the Constitution. Obama could withdraw the nomination and nominate someone else, but that would likely end up with the same result.

Jim Barnes, a former general counsel for the EPA, says the stay doesn't look good for those backing the plan, which would require IN power plants to significantly cut their carbon emissions.

Additionally, the plan was created to reduce the carbon emissions from USA power plants by 2030 to 32 per cent below 2005 levels. The 5-4 vote most likely signals serious misgivings among the justices about the ultimate legality of the plan.

The court may have put a stay on the Clean Power Plan, but no one is putting a stay on climate change, which will continue to threaten our nation.

"And I hope its impact will begin to reverberate across the state", said Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, "from the southern coalfields to North Central West Virginia, to the capital region, to metropolitan areas across the country that rely on clean, affordable coal".

"We think the already on a great path to decarbonizing its power sector", said Regan.



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