Flint, Michigan's unsafe water cost the most in US

He cited concerns from Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards, who helped expose the lead problem and is now assisting both the city and state, that partial pipe replacements in Washington, D.C., had actually boosted lead contamination.

Snyder came under fire after it was revealed that the state failed to make the public aware of the health hazards associated with drinking the water, allowing the continued consumption of water tainted by lead. Under Mayor Weaver's plan, which relies on estimates from the Lansing Board of Water and Light, this funding would cover replacement of lead service lines for several hundred homes.

Snyder also has said he's hopeful that the federal government will expand Medicaid coverage to people under 21 and pregnant women who have been exposed to Flint's water.

There could be as many as 15,000 lead service lines that need to be replaced at a cost that may exceed $50 million.

"Yeah, maybe you couldn't drink it, you couldn't cook with it", he says, "but there's other things, there were other uses, the water was used, so there should be some payment for that". Never mind that the corrosive river water caused lead to leach from the city's pipes into the water that every resident uses.

Just Wednesday he announced his plan that would first require a study, before any pipes would be replaced.

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Snyder said in a press release that the supplemental budget request was approved unanimously by the legislature last month to undergo testing of contaminated water pipes, with urgency placed on high-risk areas.

Some Democrats say the state should pay for more than 65 percent of residents' bills.

A state House committee has OK'd an emergency spending measure to help Flint residents with a portion of their water bills. Officials in the Snyder Administration have said that they hope to restore drinking water to the city in stages, with a full assessment of the system completed by mid-April. The governor said Tuesday other resources could be potentially tapped for additional funds to replace pipes.

Studies confirmed that the water wasn't properly treated, causing it to corrode pipes and fixtures, which then leaked lead. The state has also found a unsafe chemical compound present in the Flint River.

Since Oct. 2, 2015, the state has assisted the city of Flint in the amount of $39.3 million.



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