US presidential rivals Clinton, Sanders tied in support among Democrats

Clinton Sanders face off in Wyoming as New York looms

Zurlo said Clinton County Republicans, who will not endorse before the primary, would "absolutely" welcome visits from Kasich and Cruz. Nationally, her share of the superdelegates, at least for now, is far bigger than her share of the popular vote. In most cases, she does fairly well with getting votes and getting people's attention.

While the paper's board lavished praise upon Clinton, it also took some time to bash Bernie Sanders.

Only 40.2 percent of voters view Clinton favorably.

The Siena poll also has Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by 10 percentage points among the state's likely Democratic voters ahead of Tuesday's primary. Although there is controversy stating that Bill Clinton was not campaigning, the case is now still open and undecided.

Andrew Theodorakis/Getty Images News/Getty ImagesPORT WASHINGTON, NEW YORK - APRIL 11: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves during a conversation on gun violence at the Landmark Theater on April 11, 2016 in Port Washington, New York.

The Clintons have been thinking about a Donald Trump presidency for decades now. "If you're a true believer you just hang in there and hope something materializes that makes it work; that's where I'm at at this time". As Capitol Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports, Sanders has pulled to within 52 percent to 42 percent, but Clinton leads in key voting regions.

Karl coaching Kings amid reports he could be fired
Karl returned to the sidelines as a head coach after a year off following nine seasons with the Denver Nuggets. Karl, 64, took over the Kings with 30 games remaining in the 2014-15 season.

"White Americans needs to do a much better job of listening to black Americans talk about the seen and unseen challenges they face every day", Clinton said on Wednesday. "Because I asked them to", she said.

A NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll released Monday night showed Clinton led Sanders 55 percent to 41 percent, while a NY1/Baruch College poll showed the former first lady's lead was 50 percent to 37 percent.

While Ted Cruz is giving sleepless nights to billionaire real estate baron Donald Trump, 74-year old Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders is winning one primary after the other.

If Sanders "somehow, miraculously" won both the pledged delegate count and popular vote, Rendell said, he would probably have to reconsider his vote at the convention. Cruz is showing new strength, and Kasich continues to offer himself to voters whose politics remain closer to the traditional Republican mainstream.

Andy Eddy, a member of the Broward Log Cabin Republicans Chapter, said the GOP convention "could be contested if Trump doesn't reach the required number of delegates".

In one of the more self-evident polls of late, well over half of a pool of 1,076 voters were said to hold unfavorable impressions of the country's likely future Democratic and Republican nominees for president.



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