Will Smith's father says he forgives shooter

Police also said that Hayes acknowledged at the scene that he fired his 45-caliber handgun at Smith and his wife; and that police also found a second loaded but unfired gun - a revolver - inside Hayes' Hummer.

They found Smith's body "in the middle of the street, partially inside of his vehicle, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the body", the police report said.

Smith was traveling in his Mercedes with his wife and another couple, and it was not believed they had struck the Hummer, according to Thomson.

Investigators gather on Sophie Wright Place after the fatal shooting of former Saints player Will Smith.

"Like you might bump into someone when you park", Thomson added.

The lawyers' timelines, aided by surveillance footage from a nearby restaurant, differ greatly in describing who instigated the violence after a traffic collision between Smith and Hayes.

Thomson said the Smiths felt uneasy about the incident, and weren't sure why the larger vehicle with tinted windows had stopped so suddenly - and even questioned if it was on objective. Both vehicles are a standstill briefly, until the Hummer starts to pull over; the Mercedes, though, goes around and drives off.

Thomson said the driver of the Hummer "violently rammed the back of their auto", causing the rear windshield to shatter, the occupants' heads to whip back and Smith to slam into another vehicle. They were afraid. Will got out of the auto.

"They decided this vehicle is pulling over, they don't know what is going on, so out of concern for the safety of his wife and the consensus of the auto being that we don't know why these people...is in this Hummer stopped so suddenly... concerned for their safety and knowing they didn't, or believing they didn't hit the Hummer and seeing no damage whatsoever they continued".

That's when Smith made a decision to approach the two men in the Hummer.

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"The driver, who I understand is the killer in this case, is enraged", Thompson said. Smith's wife, Racquel, and the other woman in the SUV got out to try and calm things down.

Thomson alleged that Hayes then shot Racquel Smith first, one in each leg, before firing "six to eight shots" into Will Smith's back. "We have children. This is not worth this". Smith's wife is heard screaming for her husband after being shot. "She considered him her Superman".

"My understanding is no bullets entered the front of Will", Thomson said. The coroner's report, released Wednesday, clarified that seven of the bullets hit his back and one in the left side of his chest.

Smith's death has been preliminarily classified as a homicide, a medical determination, a statement from New Orleans Coroner Jeffrey Rouse said.

"After the shooting, after the killer shot Will in the back eight times, the killer, we have evidence, had no remorse whatsoever", said Thomson. Smith had a concealed handgun permit, according to Thomson.

Hayes, who is being charged with second-degree murder, remains in custody on a $1 million bond.

None of the occupants in the Smiths' auto were identified. "So there was no hit and run in the case and there's no fender bender in this case".

NBC reported that the statement came from attorney Tanzanike Ruffin on behalf of the passenger, Kevin O'Neal.

Gabriella Ortiz, of New Orleans, pauses at a makeshift memorial in New Orleans, Tuesday, April 12, 2016, near the spot where former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith was shot and killed, and his wife wounded by gunf...

"Moments later, the killer unloads six to eight shots into Will's back", Thomson said. "And holding her hand up to him to ask him to stop". "That night, as he always does, he was protecting her and trying to protect her the best he could".



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