Obamacare Repeal May Cost States Billions of Dollars

Affordable Care Act

With all the uncertainty swirling around the Affordable Care Act, consumers can still be certain about a few things.

"We will provide updates as they become available", a representative for BCBSTX said in response to Amarillo Globe-News inquiries.

In a report Wednesday, the Center on Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University said leaving decisions over pre-existing conditions to states has pitfalls.

Coverage for anyone who signs up on January 31 will start on March 1.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would do just the opposite - making mental health services more expensive and more hard to access for millions of Americans.

So far, about 11.5 million people nationwide have signed up for coverage in 2017 through the ACA's public exchanges.

"One of the things that it's hard for people outside of health care to appreciate - particularly politicians - is how long it takes to make significant improvements in the delivery of care", Ferris said.

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"I went with it because it was a lot more affordable than the ACA", Abdallah said. She's afraid repealing the program will leave her without health insurance again.

"We are encouraged by that because that means people are taking advantage of the potential benefits to them", said Jim Dietsche, chief financial officer at Bellin Health.

Much of the committee meeting consisted of Democrats accusing Republicans of undermining the Affordable Care Act, while Republicans described the law alternately as a collapsing bridge and burning building.

The central goal of Obamacare is expanding health coverage, but signs suggest the Republican plan pivots around health care at the bedside, which is a different way to frame the priorities. "My answer is a resounding 'yes;' in fact, I'll be signing up for Marketplace coverage myself by the end of the month", Burwell said.

That's more than the same time past year, despite premium increases, fewer insurers participating in the marketplace and general uncertainty about the future of Obamacare.

Cost-sharing is a subsidy to help lower out-of-pocket costs for people in the individual insurance market. That's more jobs than were lost in the entire state in 2015 due to the drought. "If they are going to take away coverage, let's make it as hard as possible". Dennis Keefe, head of a large hospital chain called Care New England in Rhode Island, said he, too, worries about the future of his ACO, Integra.

"If you make more money than you said then you owe back the subsidy.it's very complicated", McCready-Lucus said.



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