GE CEO Immelt Takes Shot at Trump's Climate Change Efforts

Trump Action On Clean Power Plan 'Threatens Air Quality, Health, And Economic Benefits'

Trump says his executive order to roll back climate change regulations will help bring back jobs to the coal industry.

Killing the Clean Power Plan and lifting restrictions on coal mining would at most slow the decline of this 19th century fuel.

On Tuesday, President Trump ripped up Obama's Clean Power Plan (CPP), which had placed regulations on business and industry carbon dioxide emissions in an attempt to tackle climate change.

The president said his decision eliminates job-killing constraints tied to climate concerns and will put miners back to work even though the regulation has never formally gone into effect because the Supreme Court froze it a year ago with a stay order. While he said Obama-era regulations made coal less competitive, Trump's executive order would allow coal to be more competitive again.

82 percent of Americans said they are in favor of funding for research into renewable energy sources. "These are Trump supporters that are being employed", Smith said.

Countries that are on track to meet their commitments, and have used policy to rein in coal production and burning - China is again the most notable example - have not only been motivated by climate change, but economics and public health concerns about air and water pollution.

"What's been going on is a switch to more natural gas and away from coal", Kelly said. "The clean energy train has indeed left the station", she said, arguing that climate change itself "will dictate the future" no matter what Trump does in the short run.

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Tom Massie, R-Ky., said, "It's fantasy a single Democrat will support repealing Barack Obama's legacy law". The two top Democratic leaders in Congress - Sen. 'Give us the House and Senate, ' they got it in 2014.

Coal use is declining because competing sources of energy are rising. The price of coal-fired power is higher than gas power and has thus lost its appeal in the United States, he said. And because this low-priced power would have been replaced with more expensive alternatives, wholesale electricity prices would have soared.

Their stance is in opposition to lobbyist organizations like the U.S.

"Certainly Trump's policy will bump that number up and will accelerate climate change and that's devastating", said Dr Crowther, speaking to The Independent.

Obama promised previous year to cut USA greenhouse gas emissions by about 26 per cent from the 2005 level by 2025. We would be wise not to make that mistake with the War on Coal.

The Obama rule was created to limit polluting coal-fired power plants in favor of green energy, such as wind and solar.

The pledges comes despite support for Trump's order from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which called it "vital to stimulating economic growth".

Though he did not mention climate change publicly during his hearings, many in the environmental community hope the secretary of defense will push back on the administration's position on climate change in the coming weeks.



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