Phil Simms allegedly found out Tony Romo news from son, not CBS

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price arrives for the first day of his bribery trial at the Earle Cable Federal Building and Courthouse in downtown Dallas Thursday

Now the married father of two young boys with a third child on the way has chosen the path taken by two former Dallas quarterbacks - Don Meredith of "Monday Night Football" fame and three-time Super Bowl victor and Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, the lead analyst for Fox since 2002.

The emergence of Prescott led many to believe that it was only a matter of time before the Cowboys parted ways with Romo. There's no denying it. Dallas owner/GM Jerry Jones ultimately followed the do-right rule he came up with at the scouting combine by releasing Romo. And he still put up remarkable efficiency stats.

Romo went from undrafted to starting quarterback for America's team for a decade, although a couple of seasons were shortened by injury. Check the stats: Romo leads the franchise in almost every major statistical category.

Clark: I mean, they're not gonna draft Dak. There aren't that many quarterbacks who can walk that line, who can be excellent improvisers and also be a guy that you can hang your offense on all season. The long-time announcer, of course, isn't going to just sit around unoccupied most of the most for that possibility to play out. Romo's stats are inflated and he didn't win anything significant. He's one of the very few constants we can count on as Americans. Three. No other Cowboys quarterback has led the franchise to that kind of success. Similarly, Simms broke down what he saw in a team's defensive strategy.

Former Boise State running back Jay Ajayi, who reached the Pro Bowl earlier this year after rushing for 1,272 yards in the regular season, will host his first football camp June 2 at Albertsons Stadium. As in the National Football League, it never hurts to have a deep bench for all kinds of reasons.

Cubs, Maddon become first to use no-pitch intentional walk
Louis opened the scoring in its half of the third with a run built on the speed it didn't display much of previous year . His two run homer in the 8th inning gave the Cardinals a 3-0 lead over the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

He escaped pressure, stepped up in the pocket and fired a check down pass to DeMarco Murray for the game-winning touchdown to keep Dallas' playoff hopes alive. "It was nice to have some clarity", Romo said.

Romo's is just one in a series of GIFs - created by guys from - that illustrate just how much some of the NFL's best QBs have aged since their long ago rookie seasons, and some of them are downright mind-blowing. That throw he had against the Texans in 2014, where he spun away from Watt and hit Terrance Williams for a 40-yard touchdown. The took an intentional delay of game and elected to punt, even though it was still fourth and one around midfield. The ending to his career could have, would have, should have been completely different.

The case for: Staubach has the stats and the wins. One of the most outrageous games where Romo drew criticism from fans and pundits was against the Broncos. Often surprising is his passer rating, at 97.1 has him in the top five all time. Cutler's market could depend on his asking price, but his reps should field more calls with Romo's status now resolved.

As time passed, Romo seemed to understand why that quote struck a nerve for followers of America's Team. Sure, Aikman has three rings, but he wasn't going up against the Steelers of the '70s, who had about a million hall-of-famers.



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