Japan, China remain on United States 'monitoring list' for currency

Donald Trump

The only obvious way to bribe China is by offering something China might want and that Trump has threatened not to provide, namely a good trade deal. Mr. Trump on the campaign trail espoused his "America first" philosophy, saying he would beef up America's military presence, but avoid tumultuous areas like the Middle East to focus on American interests. And as long as that red line is not crossed, it seems there's a lot China can do. He now says of the bank, which supports US exports, "Actually, it's a very good thing".

Others were not so lucky - falling on the wrong side of Trump's list of good guys and bad guys.

Beijing also will need to prove that the recent stance of not trying to weaken the currency is "a durable policy shift", even if the renminbi begins to appreciate again. Trump wisely stayed off Twitter, encouraging his team members to do the work rather than disrupting them.

"There is a moral affront and there is maybe a personal anger, even a humiliation for Trump", said Hussein Ibish of the Arab Gulf States Institute. It should not be tolerable to the United States for a dictator such as Assad to drop ghastly chemical weapons on children or for a dictator such asRussian President Vladimir Putin to lie about the war crime.

Eswar Prasad, a professor at Cornell University, said Trump was acknowledging he had arrived at a certain impasse.

"The president's tough talk on a variety of subjects was to get results for the American people", Spicer said. "We may be at an all-time low in terms of the relationship with Russia", Trump said pensively. It fit well with a campaign message in which Trump railed against the "global elite" conspiring against the common man.

Trump's opposition to the Export-Import Bank - a government agency that subsidizes US exports - endeared him to movement conservatives who labeled it "corporate welfare" and "crony capitalism".

Baker says Trump is no doubt getting an earful on this matter from the CEOs he has been inviting to the White House. "He's obviously capable of understanding the numbers of a big real estate deal and so he is obviously capable of understanding projections about the number of jobs that would be lost in a significant trade spat", Weber said.

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He said China may not be manipulating their currency "at the moment because it doesn't suit their economic needs" but "make no mistake about it, as soon as the tide turns they will", he said, adding that the Trump has given them a "green light to steal our jobs".

In reality, China stopped weakening the yuan years ago and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has been fighting jihadist groups for the better part of a decade.

But then, he reversed his position after meeting with NATO Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg at the White House this week. In his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Trump declared: "Nobody knows the system better than me".

The AEI's Scissors believes Trump's top White House economic adviser, Gary Cohn, formerly of Goldman Sachs, has probably helped move Trump to more mainstream business views on the Ex-Im Bank.

But the idiosyncrasies of a 70-year-old dealmaker may also explain some of his strategic gymnastics. Trump is seeking China's help in dealing with an increasingly belligerent and unsafe North Korean regime. This policy is full of risk, but it is hard to argue that at this point the United States has many alternatives, unless we are willing to live with a North Korean gun at our heads for the rest of time. Now, after Trump established personal chemistry with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a summit at Mar-a-Lago, Trump declines to repeat his long-standing allegation that China manipulates its currency. "This sort of unpredictable nature of President Trump actually can be one of his best assets because it puts our foreign adversaries on notice, ones like Iran, Russia, North Korea, China to some extent, ISIS-that we're-he's not afraid to take action when necessary". Sources close to Trump tell me there are several ways to answer that question.

His tougher lines on Syria and Russian Federation are overwhelmingly popular.

The dollar nursed losses on Friday, on track for a losing week as continuing tensions in North Korea underpinned the perceived safe-haven Japanese currency.



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