'Girls' Last Episode Breaks Convention, But Not In A Good Way

Say goodbye to HBO's 'Girls' – series finale airs April 16

She suggests she take a night off to go by herself to a local wine bar, and Hannah snipes at her for trying to escape her and the baby, even just for a few hours.

Marnie, escaping a life of residing in her mother's home gym (the magic of GIRLS' writing is in the details), shows up at Hannah's new home and begs her to let her into her new life. Even though Hannah appreciated her offer, she didn't want Marnie to do so.

When viewers stumble upon Girls five or ten or twenty years from now, they'll be watching a different show than the one that ended its six-season run last night with a rather unceremonious episode called "Latching".

As it had been confirmed before, Jessa and Shoshanna didn't appear in the final episode. Her FaceTime sex with Delvin P., a personal trainer from Weehawken, was totally fine though - and I loved her chat about it with Loreen (Becky Ann Baker). She says, as the girl runs away, that "life is going to chase you with problems you can't imagine".

The pop-scored credits trend continues and evolves, in its final iteration, with a soundtrack of Grover cooing and Hannah singing "Fast Car" (It's catchy, OK?), so the last words spoken in the series are Hannah whispering to her baby, "I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone". At this moment in her life, living with her mom in New Jersey, she is not only directionless, but she's lost all the people who were supposed to give her that attention and affection. Although Hannah is beginning a new chapter, the episode shows her in a kind of liminal space, inhabiting a pre-adulthood reality.

"When the show first started it was all very confusing and intoxicating and I was trying to take it all in", she said. Adam treated Hannah horribly throughout most of their relationship, and then dated her best friend.

Meanwhile, Marnie was busy struggling with her situation. On the maturity scale between child and parent, she's realizing that she's a mother. This was Hannah's story all along, it seemed to say. The use of Elijah as practically a star of the show was a great move simply because Andrew Rannells is wonderful and Elijah and Hannah are incredible in every scene they're in together. Sure, Hannah needs the help, but Marnie, who's been unemployed living in her mom's "home gym" in New Jersey, is desperate for the sense of objective. He offers Hannah a ride, but when she refuses, he still follows her behind in his squad vehicle. "I'm still bleeding from my vagina!", she yells at her mother during a long litany about the physical indignities of new motherhood.

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She greeted Marnie and her mother on the porch and then they heard Grover crying. It also saw her telling someone else to put their clothes on for once, when she lent her pants to a teenage neighbour missing her own.

Marnie masturbating with a British accent was a little much for me. "Sometimes I felt like, 'Is this who she thinks I am?'" It's all water under the bridge now, though-especially after Kirke added that the fighting apparently made their relationship a lot "nicer".

The most interesting twist wasn't that Hannah wound up with a brown baby after the show had been criticized for years for its lack of diversity - although that was a bold gesture by Lena Dunham to her detractors.

Aunt Marnie wants to know if breastfeeding came up during the appointment (Grover's on a nursing strike) and disdains the babies in the waiting room, who look "formula fed"; still on the subject, she calls breast milk "liquid gold" on the drive home.

Dunham: And I remember, Jenni, you'd never given me such quiet notes. The joke was just how wrong each of them was about the other. And having Hannah, with her all dysfunction, become a mom is an ultimate lesson in growing up.

"What other friends do you have?" she asks Hannah. She even gives her the jeans off her body. This all began with her, as well, sitting across Hannah at a dinner in some NY restaurant and informing her that the purse strings were about to be finally severed. She still wants to breastfeed him and she still wants to stay, for his whole life. While it may not have captured the complete breadth and diversity of its generation or of NY, it dealt with a variety of classic issues - relationship problems, career uncertainty, friendships that become fragile even though they once appeared to have been built out of bedrock - for a group of people that, over time, extended beyond Hannah.



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