Australia toughens foreign worker visas, says Australian jobs for Australians

It will include new requirements including previous work experience, better English language proficiency, and labour market testing.

Turnbull used Facebook to announce the policy, which he said would "put jobs first" and "Australians first".

Regional employers will continue to have access to occupations under the temporary and permanent visas.

"Australia has a problem with senior skilled technical talent and this is the way that a huge amount of the tech industry gets them into the country".

The watchdog will release public reports every six months on the state of the gas market, including the prices and terms on which it is being offered, with a final report in 2020.

"From experience, typically 457 visa holders take the current lower-skill and labour-based temporary work purely because it's all that they're being accepted or considered for, which narrows job availability for Australians", he said.

Some experts said the government should focus on boosting education and training systems to address Australia's skills needs. "It's lost its credibility", Mr Turnbull said at a news conference in Canberra.

Another 4-year visa will have stricter eligibility criteria.

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"They failed to keep our borders secure, and they failed to manage a 457 system - a temporary migration system - in the national interest".

Turnbull said that under the new rules, Australians must be given the "first crack" at jobs, while skilled migrants would be brought in to "fill the gaps" in areas which are suffering a skills shortage.

Ahead of the meeting, Mr Turnbull was determined to reinforce his message that a shortage on the east coast is not acceptable at a time when Australia will soon become the world's largest exporter of LNG.

"It's unlikely there will be any real change", Mr Morey said. "If we're going to build jobs for our kids, we need to build next generation companies at scale", he added.

"Companies will.probably have to spend more time, effort and possibly money, also, to prepare in advance, and prepare on the ground, as well". Just under 2,000 temporary visas were granted to Irish citizens between 2015 and 2016, excluding secondary applications. "This has increased our headache".

Early stage start-ups will be hit hardest, said David Ballerini, a co-founder of restaurant discovery and cash loyalty app Liven.

Employers in a range of sectors in central Victoria - including health, hospitality and agriculture - will be keen for more details on the 457 visa changes.

The government's bona fides in trying to really do something about local jobs should depend on whether it actually does something significant about skills, an issue on which everyone from the Opposition to the Business Council of Australia is calling for action.



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