Arkansas Executes Two More Inmates, Another Scheduled Thursday

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In an emergency filing, Williams' lawyers argued that he could face a "torturous" death because of his size.

Jones was administered drugs at 7:06 p.m. CT and pronounced dead at 7:20 p.m. CT.

Williams, 46, was already in the death chamber when the temporary stay was issued.

After a period of evaluation, the stay was lifted by Judge Baker and the green light was given to proceed.

Governor Asa Hutchinson refused to speak with Windle on the day of Williams's scheduled execution. All three men had spent more than 20 years on death row.

Arkansas hoped to resume executions this month by carrying out eight death sentences in 11 days because its supply of one of the drugs has an April 30 expiration date.

Williams was the third inmate to be put to death in Arkansas in the past week. Four executions have been placed on hold by court orders.

Before last week, Arkansas had not executed a prisoner in 12 years. His last words were personally directed to Lacey Phillips, Mary's daughter, who witnessed her mother's murder.

"I am not a monster; there is a reason those things happened that day", Jones said, according to the New York Times. The state now turns off the mic after an inmate's final statement. Phillips was found with a coffee-pot cord tied around her neck in her office. He then beat her 11-year-old daughter, Lacey Phillips, and left her for dead.

Associated Press witnesses in Arizona and OH said they could hear inmates breathe heavily, snore or snort during lengthy executions, and a lawyer at Joseph Wood's execution in Arizona in 2014 said the inmate could be heard particularly when a microphone was on during periodic updates.

Williams had argued that his obesity could make it hard for officials to place an IV, and also that his previous lawyers were ineffectual at trial and during earlier appeals.

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For his last meal, Jones had fried chicken, potato logs, beef jerky bites, Butterfinger bars and a chocolate milkshake.

After going almost 12 years without executing an inmate, Arkansas now has executed three in a few days - including two in one night.

Williams, who weighed 400 pounds, probably needed a second 500 milligram dose of midazolam.

Instead, they claimed, he remained conscious, moving his lips and "gulping for air" after it was administered. The situation has drawn condemnation from across the country, as critics assert that the rush to put the inmates to death is preventing them from adequate legal review. Minutes before his execution, a brief stay was granted so attorneys could argue the first execution did not go as planned.

Williams had asked for a stay of execution over claims about what evidence jurors considered when he was sentenced to death. The only quicker pace included quadruple executions in 1926 and 1930.

Just after the death of Jack Jones, Marcel Williams' lawyers have specifically launched a final appeal in court, claiming that the first run was not successful.

Drugs for lethal injections have been increasingly hard for states to obtain because "drug companies have refused to sell their products for the goal of executions", according to the New York Times.

Like she did for Jones, Prejean took to Twitter to tell her followers about Williams' past.

The pharmaceutical companies said there is a public health risk if their drugs are diverted for use in executions, CBS reported, and that the state's possession of the drugs violates rules within their distribution networks.

He did not request a clemency hearing, saying in a letter, "Your wish is and always has been that I die and I could never ever deny you this".



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