Texas Legislature OKs expanded prohibitions on bestiality

Gov. Greg Abbott offers a pen to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick after he signed SB7 a bill to address inappropriate teacher-student relationships Thursday. Standing behind Abbott are Marc Salvato, Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath Rep. Gary Va

However the NCAA and several other organizations and businesses pulled out of deals in North Carolina after the state passed its version of a bathroom bill, saying it discriminated against transgender people.

"For many of us, and especially for me, this was a compromise".

"I think in any universe, the Senate bill will be significantly different from the House bill", said Sen.

"There's blinking yellow lights throughout the whole thing", Sen. The week-long Senate hiatus will begin on Monday, May 29. All Democrats seem likely to oppose the bill, and Vice President Mike Pence could break a 50-50 tie.

But over in the Senate, where lawmakers are trying to create a health care bill of their own, the dismal analysis may actually offer Republican lawmakers a silver lining. And it highlighted how some provisions in the House bill would produce damaging consequences for many people.

"The bottom line is very simple".

He and other senators said they would be spending the Memorial Day recess reviewing the discussions that have been taking place in the Senate over the past few weeks. "As far as I'm concerned, it will go no further", Straus said.

AUSTIN, Texas — A proposed Texas "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people neared collapse Friday over a deadlock between Republicans heeding warnings from big businesses and sports leagues — including Google and the NFL — and social conservatives who drive the state's political agenda.

She said motivation for advocating contents of Senate Bill 83 was that women weren't receiving information from abortion providers that was readable, concise and complete. That could involve providing money to insurance companies so they can contain customers' costs, and perhaps retaining the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate, which imposes tax penalties on people who go uninsured.

The budget office projected that premiums in those states would be lower for healthy people than under current law because their coverage would be narrower, but did not estimate an amount. Many Republicans say their chief goal is to reduce premiums.

Trump budget slashes safety-net programs
The Trump plan would slice a whopping $193 billion from food stamps over the coming decade, a cut of more than 25 percent. Central Command, telling lawmakers, "If you don't fully fund the State Department, then I need to buy more ammunition".

Griffin's concerns about the need for a free vote on the final bill also echo those expressed to iPolitics by another Senate source - who said that the campaign commitment nodded to a principle, not an explicit outline of the new executive body that will scrutinize national security activities. In states that made a decision to waive coverage regulations, for example, people could pay more than $1,000 per month for maternity coverage.

The Kansas School Equity and Enhancement Act collected a passing grade Thursday in the House of Representatives, even though some voting for it said it needs improvement.

The plan also calls for the sales tax to increase to 7.25 percent, which would provide an immediate boost to the state's General Revenue Fund and would enable the Legislature to pass a budget for Fiscal Year 2018.

When it comes to bathroom policies, Patrick said the House version of the bathroom bill, HB2899 which prohibits cities, counties and school districts from making bathroom policies and puts it in the hands of the state, would also be acceptable.

"It's a little unconventional and unorthodox", said Carmichael, R-Jackson.

"This exercise happens to be one that involves everybody".

"The bill does cover pre-existing conditions", he told reporters Thursday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., downplayed the report Wednesday as "a technical procedural step".

Meanwhile, the Trump administration released a report Tuesday that found a 105 per cent increase in average premiums for individually purchased coverage from 2013, just before Obama's statute took effect, to this year.



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