May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with UK vote a week away

May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with UK vote a week away

And opinion polls, showing the gap between the Conservatives and Labour narrowing, seem to provide evidence that Mrs May has failed.

Mr Corbyn also turned his fire on the PM over Brexit, accusing her of risking a "jobs meltdown" with her hardline stance to negotiations that he said risked Britain crashing out of the European Union without any deal at all.

The other fear among some people in Labour is that while their support has risen in recent weeks, they may be merely piling up votes in safe Labour seats and safe Tory seats, while continuing to do badly in the sort of marginal seats that will decide the election. It can all change at the drop of a general election.

Mr Hammond responded by saying: "Jeremy Corbyn will not create jobs, he will destroy them".

Theresa May's rationale behind calling a snap election was to get a strong mandate from the British people to negotiate in Brussels on their behalf.

And by attracting thousands of zealous young new supporters and re-engaging hard-left activists who had abandoned the party under Mr Blair, Mr Corbyn has created a power base that helped him survive an attempted coup by party moderates past year. The Conservatives now have 330 seats in parliament, and Labor 229.

She said if there was a hung parliament, her pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) would consider backing a minority Labour administration. One party source told Business Insider that while they were now doing better in some parts of the country, they were hearing "very bad reports" from other regions.

That's a Tory lead of just five per cent.

Despite campaigning to stay in the bloc, Mr Corbyn said the democratic will of the people is "not in dispute".

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Immigration is one of the hot button issues of the election, an issue complicated by Bexit, the rights of EU citizens in the United Kingdom, and the European refugee crisis.

"Where the Tories look to divide, Labour seeks to bring people together", Corbyn said in May.

His previous associations with the IRA have also been revisited by opponents during the campaign. The Conservatives say their intention is to keep taxes for businesses and individuals as low as possible, increase the National Living Wage, and crack down on tax evasion.

"His reckless plans for higher taxes and more borrowing will wreck the economy and we will all pay the price".

On defence, Mr Corbyn has been criticised for appearing to waver on his commitment to the Trident nuclear deterrent and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance - of which the United Kingdom is a major player. However she would rather walk away from the negotiating table than agree a deal that hurt the UK.

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday said talks on post-Brexit trade ties with countries like India, Australia and New Zealand are already underway as she tried to woo voters ahead of the June 8 general election.

Mrs May was first up for a grilling, being forced to defend her record as Home Secretary and Prime Minister after being accused by voter Abigail Eatock of "broken promises and backtracking" - over deciding to call an early election and her social care plans - within minutes of the show starting.

"I would make sure there is always balance". He added that Britain also needs tariff-free access to European markets.



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