Yale considering joining group committed to Paris climate accord

It's a bitter blow to stalwart European partners who launched an aggressive campaign to convince Trump that American leadership is central to combating climate change.

China may be poised to fill the breach. "Firstly, I was at Paris and was one of the 500 mayors from across the world saying the water's warm and that we're going to do this", he said.

Now representing 33 nations and six continents, the Under2 Coalition claims to represent 27.5 trillion USA dollars in gross domestic product, equivalent to 37 percent of the global economy.

One of the most vulnerable U.S. installations is the U.S. Naval Support Facility at the Diego Garcia atoll in the Indian Ocean, which acts as a logistics hub for U.S. forces in the Middle East and has an average elevation of four feet above sea level.

As Figueres said: "They will all continue to move forward".

The newly-elected French leader issued a statement following the announcement, calling Trump's decision a "mistake both for the US and for our planet".

Trump ran on getting the USA out of the deal, he won, and he is doing what he said he would do.

Even potential USA partners reached out across the Pacific. "China does want to protect its economy, to be competitive in the future", she said. However, experts say it is unclear whether they actually can fill the gap left by the Trump administration.

There are good reasons for China and Europe to come together and form a powerful bloc to lead global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Obama signed on to the Paris deal by executive decree - not with Senate approval - and Trump is thus perfectly within his rights to rescind USA participation in the same way. China wouldn't have been privy to the deal. The U.S. Sierra Club, citing Trump's endorsement of what he regards as clean coal, tweeted: "Clean coal, you can find that next to the unicorns and leprechauns".

On climate, Beijing is taking action. Having surpassed Germany in terms of installed solar capacity in 2015, China's ambitious plan for renewable energy investment shows no sign of losing momentum. China still accounts for about half of global coal consumption.

"China will stay committed to upholding and promoting the global governance on climate change, and take an active part in the multilateral process on climate change".

Since the election, administration officials have laboured to explain that Trump does not intend to insulate the USA from the rest of the world or leave allies in a lurch.

Germany's DIHK Chambers of Commerce and VDMA engineering industry group warned that USA companies could gain short-term advantages by Trump's decision.

After three decades of rapid economic growth, China is assuming a mantle of leadership in the Asia-Pacific and beyond.

German industry associations also criticised Trump's decision, warning that it would harm the global economy and lead to market distortions.

Businesses from across the board have also voiced their dismay.

In an onstage discussion with Ethan Zindler of Bloomberg, Perry used a question on Paris to point out the difference between Europe's climate-focused public statements and its work to gain gas supplies.

South Floridians are seeing the impacts of climate change firsthand, in sunny-day flooding and record-breaking temperatures as recently as Memorial Day weekend.



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