Apple debuts HomePod speaker to bring Siri into the living room

Microsoft Surface Pro Release Date News & Update

The new Mac Pro was a big surprise at the WWDC 2017. Apple Pay works like a credit or debit card where you can instantly send or spend or transfer to your bank account.

The watchOS4 activity app will deliver intelligent, personalised activity coaching and will give progress update from the moment one puts on the watch.If needed, towards the end of the day they will be told how much more push will help to close the activity ring for the day and will offer a specific suggestion to help while you do so. It's also what Microsoft is targeting with the Surface Pro; a new model comes out on June 15.

You find out more about these announcements on IT Pro's WWDC 2016 page.

Last October, the company hired Russ Salakhutdinov, a Carnegie Mellon professor whose expertise is in an area of artificial intelligence known as "deep" or "unsupervised" learning, a complex branch of machine learning in which computers are trained to replicate the way the brain's neurons fire when they recognize objects or speech. It unveiled the Apple Watch in September 2014. The role of digital assistants in devices is likely to become increasingly important within driverless cars and as homes become more connected. It makes iPhone better than before.

Some of the more meat-and-potatoes news zeroed in on making iPad, iMac and iPhone a bit easier to use. Else, you can get the slightly more stable beta 3, available here. The new iOS will now synchronize messages across iOS and macOS automatically. It is not about one app, but smarts that are spread across multiple apps that users tend to access regularly.

Impressive though the new iPad Pro 10.5 and upgraded iPad Pro 12.9 are, the changes which all iPads will get courtesy of iOS 11 are just as big a deal.

New England states join Paris climate goal alliance
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Editorialized content included in the new look store will also include in-depth interviews, and app recommendations from its staff.

Listening to music is expected to be more personal with the designed Music App.

The new ARKit is a means for developers to build augmented reality experiences using the iPad or iPhone's camera, processors and sensors.

Wireless speakers are a booming tech category at present and are seen as a gateway into turning our homes into "smart" homes. You can also drag an app out of the dock and flick it into split-screen mode. Meanwhile, an iOS 11 upgrade to Maps will include malls and inside spaces. This lets you doing things like move text from Safari to a Word document.

iOS 11 adds in a few neat looking Apple Pencil tricks. The Notes app also has a document scanner, which is another nice addition. Although Apple is late to the game, CCS Insight analyst Geoff Blaber says the new tools come "as the technology hits an inflection point". Siri has been given a do-over with new voices and better contextual understanding, Apple Pay has been updated to support peer-to-peer payments via iMessage, and Control Center has been given a makeover that now sees it packing all of its features into a single pane.

With updates such as a reworked Safari that comes with features like autoplay video blocking and "intelligent tracking prevention" to cut back ad trackers, along with other updates such as rolling out of the Apple file system and inclusion of a new graphics engine in the form of Mantle 2, the OS sure looks to be a victor.



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