Apple introduced a powerful iMac Pro

MacBook Pro, with the revolutionary Touch Bar, delivers pro performance in a portable design.

Aside from the MacBook Pro 2017, Apple is expected to reveal a MacOS upgrade.

The MacBook Air is the same computer as before, but its processor is now just a little faster now. The top-end model, the Radeon Pro 580, promises 5.5 trillion floating-point operations per second (T/FLOPS) of compute performance in a thermal envelope AMD claims is perfectly suited to the iMac's slim all-in-one design.

For business users, Apple has finally relented and provided a new app called Files that will work with Dropbox, Box and other file sync providers. Since the tech giant already overhauled the MacBook Pros externally past year, most changes of the upcoming device are likely to be under the hood.

The MacBook is all about portability and design. The 15-inch MacBook Pro now comes standard with more powerful discrete graphics with more video memory, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro adds a new S$1,898 configuration. That's why it's been jam-packed with ports and connections in stark contrast to last year's new MacBook Pros. Apple's been lagging behind in terms of professional-quality hardware in recent years, with its last high-performance desktop model, the MacPro, landing with a thud back in 2013.

Scaling the A10 up to build the A10X makes a lot of sense considering that a typical iPad Pro use cases are probably much more CPU and graphics intensive than typical iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus use cases. The high-end model has the new Touch Bar, which replaces the physical function keys with a touchscreen that displays digital keys and settings.

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It will block videos that start playing automatically, for instance, and can also prevent ads from following and profiling users. The browser is also adding "intelligent" tracking prevention in order to cut down on ads that follow you around the Internet.

The 10.5 inch model comes with a 1668 x 2224 resolution whereas the bigger model features a 2048 x 1732 resolution.

Why you should buy the new MacBook Pro and why you should buy an older model. GST for the 64GB with Wi-Fi model and starting at RRP A$1179 inc.

The new computer will have four USB ports and four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, more than enough connection options to keep everyone happy. Priced at $4,999 with an option to max the machine out with 18 core Xeon processors, Apple's brand new iMac is a clear indication that Apple has decidedly not forgotten about its pro user base.

For power-users, the MacBook Pro range has also had a facelift and a slight specs bump. Hold out for that if you can. It's a truly minor change, however, moving up from 1.6 GHz to 1.8 GHz, but it's still a fifth-generation Intel processor (Broadwell) and not the newer seventh generation (Kaby Lake).

Of course, the star of show - at least as it pertains to the Mac - was Apple's iMac Pro.



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