After Georgia, Republicans celebrating, Dems searching

Pelosi faces growing doubts among Dems after Georgia loss

Georgia's outcome followed similar results in Montana, Kansas and SC, where Republicans won special House races by much narrower margins than they managed in November.

"But these special elections are skirmishes before the big war", he wrote.

Liberal groups like Vermont-based Democracy for America repeated lines so familiar, they could have come after Clinton's loss in the general election.

But their Georgia victory was not to be.

"I am also very well aware of another obligation that comes with tonight's decision by the voters, the obligation of being the first Republican woman elected to Congress from the great state of Georgia", Handel said in her victory speech Tuesday night.

Handel's handy victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff follows GOP special election wins in Kansas, Montana and SC.

A district that has been sending Republicans to Washington for almost four decades sent another one to our federal city on Tuesday.

But the defeat was sure to prompt soul-searching in a party that is shut out of power in Washington and has steadily lost influence at the state level in recent years. President Trump was among those with advice for Democrats on Wednesday.

Ossoff's camp is maintaining its confidence, noting that elections officials have said about 36,000 of the more than 140,000 early votes were from people who didn't cast ballots the first round. Far from a tide of voters abandoning the party of an unpopular president, the precincts were nearly exactly split between shifting one way or the other, with 102 getting more blue and 106 going more red. But in politics, as in baseball, moral victories don't show up in the standings.

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Ossoff's loss is the latest in a string of Democratic losses in all three other special congressional elections that have taken place this year. There, they fared better than most observers had foreseen.

WE'RE KEEPING AN EYE ONThe man at the center of this Trump scandal wants to clear his name.

Are there lessons to be learned?

Martin then interjected to say that Democrats were responsible for the lion's share of the spending.

The Georgia race effectively had become a national battle, with Democrats pumping millions behind Ossoff and eager to cast a victory as a referendum on Trump.

Handel won for two reasons. As such, they took a flyer on the unproven Trump, but, Democrats hoped, may have come to regret their vote by now.

Congressional District 32 is the closest things to a swing district in North Texas and the contest there will test whether Democrats are emerging and Trump is an albatross. Trump's theatrical, social-media-amplified leadership means that - as in the election previous year - he hogs all the air time.

"And we need to be not just pointing at some of the excesses or even outrages of President Trump - some of the statements he made as a candidate, or some of the choices he's making - and instead put forward a positive and constructive agenda".



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