Pelosi Claims Republicans Attacking Her Are Really Attacking San Francisco

CORRECTS THE SPELLING OF HANDEL’S FIRST NAME TO KAREN – Republican candidate for Georgia’s 6th District Congressional seat Karen Handel celebrates with her husband Steve as she declares victory during an election-night watch party Tuesday June 20

But Democrats don't necessarily need her or anyone to play the role of a former occupant of the seat Handel just won, Newt Gingrich, who led the Republican takeover of the House in 1994 with his Contract for America.

"Unfortunately a loss for us, but not good news for them", Pelosi told the rank-and-file in a closed door meeting Wednesday morning, according to Democrats present.

In Politico, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel advises Democrats to do what he did, as House campaign chairman, in 2006: Recruit candidates with local roots and views suited to local terrain - and with sharp political instincts, which both parties' candidates seemed to lack in the special elections.

The lessons for Democrats are that the map is broad in 2018.

The veteran San Francisco congresswoman held up her fundraising numbers and track record maneuvering major legislation through the House and declared she was confident she had the support from her colleagues to continue in her post. But, Vela insisted "that would all change now", adding that while the House Democratic Caucus ultimately determines who the new leader would be, "if it's somebody like Tim Ryan, I would certainly support him".

Democrats who hear President Trump echoing their sentiments might want to check themselves. The upshot: Democrats did much better in those districts (and in Montana's at-large seat) than they would under normal circumstances.

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Making matters worse, following Ossoff's defeat, establishment talking heads have been trying to pin the blame on factors outside of their candidate's control-much as they did after Clinton lost to Trump. Are they doing everything perfectly? No. "It's time for a new generation of leadership in the party".

Republican Karen Handel will officially become Georgia's 6th District congresswoman on Monday evening, filling a seat that's been vacant for more than four months after a hard-fought victory over an upstart Democratic opponent earlier this week. Certainly that is not as satisfying for the resistance as a win would have been, but the math tells the real story and it's not pretty for Republicans.

In the well-to-do Atlanta suburbs, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California was the focus of torrents of negative advertising in a House race that cost more than $50 million, the most expensive in history.

The California Democrat has always been a boogeywoman Republicans have used to motivate their base and to woo independents as the personification of liberal values. When it comes to her detractors, Pelosi said "my decision about how long I stay is not up to them". But Pelosi maintained that familiar GOP strategy only proves she is an asset. The Democrats won and breathed a sigh of relief; Republicans took heart in the close outcome and used it as a springboard to their blowout takeover of the House later that year. Now, with Obama and Reid gone, Republicans have occasionally tried latching Democratic senators to Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren, with mixed results. "So let's get started on winning the races where we really do have a chance".

"There are plenty of people who have qualms with Trump on one level or another, but are totally willing to stick with him because the Democratic option is just too far left", Todd said. Several won re-election previously despite having more Democratic voters than Republicans in their districts. That might be different and certainly more successful than caving to every ridiculously transparent Republican narrative, which are - DUH - created to hit and undermine the most effective Democrats. "Also, you see a gap between married and unmarried women".

That reality was the subtext for Pelosi's taunting remarks Thursday in which she cast her Democratic critics as hungry for attention rather than serious about ousting her.



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