OJ parole hearing renews calls to reopen murder investigation

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Simpson has served almost nine years in the Lovelock Correctional Center on kidnapping, robbery and weapons charges after he confronted two memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2007.

Now, he will have to convince the parole board he paid his debt.

The Nevada Parole Board has created an official website to share information about Simpson's parole hearing.

Legal experts say Simpson, 70, has a good chance of receiving parole and walking away from the remainder of his nine to 33-year sentence.

Five men came through the door, two of them holding guns, he said. He was later acquitted of all charges in a criminal case that became a widely publicized phenomenon in American culture.

Cryer does not think, however, that the jury was given enough evidence to convict Simpson in 1995. If the four parole commissioners who are scheduled to conduct the hearing can not agree unanimously on whether to release Simpson, the remaining three members will be contacted immediately to review the case and vote until there is a majority for approval or denial.

And for those of you rooting for Simpson's parole, there's good news-they say the event in question never happened.

Betting types are hoping to cash in on the odds of O.J. Simpson being granted parole on Thursday.

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Ordinarily, the parole board's decision would be announced a few weeks after the hearing. The severity of his crime, behavior behind bars and prior convictions will be taken into consideration, among related factors noted within Nevada's parole guidelines.

Nevada has about 13,500 prison inmates, and the governor-appointed Board of Parole Commissioners has averaged about 8,300 annual hearings for the past four years. "He's served the minimum sentence- if you look at the statistics there in Nevada, you'll see 80 percent who are in the same circumstance that he's in have been paroled".

Simpson has no other prior felonies, record show.

"It's kind of a foregone conclusion", Fuhrman said as he stood outside the Lovelock, Nev. prison where Simpson is confined.

"He's really been a positive force in there".

According to Bailey the Simpson case was rather long and he just wanted to do his work and go home."A lot of people were competing for the limelight", said Bailey. Felix said that the inmate then passed the treats out to Simpson and several others.

When he's not preoccupied with football, Simpson coached a softball team, "the Giants", inside the prison. "No sir, I did not", Fromong said. Simpson alleged he was just trying to retrieve sports memorabilia that he believed belonged to him. The other memorabilia seller, Alfred Beardsley, died in 2015. He also claimed he didn't know his associates were armed.



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