Chief: Australian Woman Shot By Cop 'Did Not Have To Die'

Janee Harteau

The 40-year-old Damond was killed Saturday by Officer Mohamed Noor. Justine Damond called 911 and ran out to meet the officers when they pulled into the alley.

Damond's death has sparked global outrage.

"I would prefer that Officer Noor would speak, whether it be to our internal process or to the BCA", she said. He has declined to be interviewed by the bureau and hasn't responded to media interview requests. Harrity has told investigators he heard a loud noise near the squad vehicle just before Ruszczyk approached the driver's side.

"I can hear someone out the back and I, I'm not sure if she's having sex or being raped", Damond told the emergency operator, later describing the sounds she was hearing as "distressed".

"It was only a few weeks ago when a female NYPD cop and mother of twins was executed in her auto in a very similar scenario", Mr Bruno said.

Bennett says Damond wasn't a threat to anyone, nor could she have reasonably been perceived as such. She says the department is examining its policy on cameras, including technological advances that turn them on automatically.

Harrity was interviewed Tuesday.

Both Noor and Harrity have been placed on administrative leave.

After Noor joined the force, Hodges wrote a Facebook post a year ago that singled him out as "the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department". But Assistant Police Chief Medaria Arradondo confirmed that, after canvassing the area, the officers found no evidence of sexual assault. The squad lights were off when the noise startled him, Harrity said. The officers did not have their body cameras turned on at the time, despite this being usual protocol.

An ongoing investigation has not yet revealed what compelled the inexperienced officer to draw his weapon, reach over his partner and shoot the Ms Damond through the police car's window.

The source said that Noor had his gun on his lap at the time, and that the bicyclist stopped and filmed the aftermath of the shooting. That man stopped and watched as officers attended to Damond. They're asking that he and any other possible witnesses contact the agency.

Harteau also said the cameras should have been on.

Justine Damond
The Minneapolis Police Chief told a press conference on Friday the death of Justine Damond “should not have happened”

David Klinger, a criminal justice professor at the University of Missouri-St.

"OK, I've already got an officer on the way", the dispatcher said.

Dispatch audio from the officers captured the anxiety as they waited for an ambulance to arrive. "It's kind of surprising that they're not saying anything, not even a quasi-supportive statement of "Wait until the investigation is done, ' " Padden said".

"I think that's ludicrous", Mr Bennett told US TV network CBS.

"That's not how we train", Harteau said of Noor shooting from inside the auto. I wish we could.

"We have put too much time, money, and effort into them to have them fail us when we needed them most", Hodges wrote of the body cameras. She trained as a veterinarian and later became a yoga instructor and life coach and was planning on getting married next month. He said the department wants to increase that frequency.

After the killing, Damond's family issued a statement. "Officer Noor is a caring person with a family he loves". Mourners threw pink flowers into the Pacific Ocean.

In Milwaukee, the Justice Department's COPS program in 2015 laid out the broad strokes of a plan for the police force as part of a voluntary review that's still underway.

Police records show that one of the complaints closed with no discipline and two remain open.

Earlier this year, the union publicly backed officer Christopher Reiter, who was charged with assault after a security video caught him kicking a suspect in the face. Noor allegedly grabbed the woman's "right wrist and upper arm", resulting in a shoulder injury.

Justine Damond was shot Saturday night by an officer who was responding to her 911 call.

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