Eclipse viewing parties, events throughout Tampa Bay

Here's how you can make your own solar eclipse glasses

You may have to attend one of their eclipse parties to get a pair, the website says, so call in advance to doublecheck.

ยท Because the eclipse will occur when most children are being dismissed from school, we are cautioning our principals. The glasses are free with every sign up, and the boat lands at 11:30 be sure you arrive at the island with plenty of time.

A total solar eclipse is defined by Merriam-Webster as an event "in which the moon completely hides the solar surface or photosphere (of the sun) and thereby cuts off all direct rays of sunlight from the observer". Only schools and classes that have pre-planned activities and the necessary approved safety eyewear for viewing the eclipse may host viewing activities, and only students with a signed district-approved permission slip may participate in these activities.

If skies are overcast, though, the library says they "will reserve its supply of glasses for the next solar eclipse in 2024".

Washington County residents should prepare for some pretty insane traffic due to the Monday morning solar eclipse, according to Nebraska Depart...

Bivouac Campground in Oregon's Smith Rock State Park still has room for eclipse viewers to pitch a tent for as little as $5 per person.

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Here's an animation from NASA of the shadow of the eclipse as it passes over Ohio. The site explains the sun is 400 times wider than the moon, but it is also 400 times farther away, so they appear to be the same size in our sky. The two other types of eclipses are annular and partial. Even if you are witnessing a partial solar eclipse, looking at the sun during the event can severely damage your eyes. There will be binoculars with safe filters to view it up close and in 3D.

That's why experts are recommending you wear special eclipse-viewing glasses. The penumbra is the other type of shadow that is cast.

"All state agencies should be aware that employees observing the solar eclipse while in the course and scope of employment may incur compensable work related injuries while doing so", Bogner wrote.

The solar eclipse begins at 1:06 Northeast Ohio and ends at 3:51 p.m. The band stretches from Scottsbluff in western Nebraska and proceeds on a southeastern path including North Platte, Kearney, Grand Island and Lincoln.

For flights, Ellwood suggests flying into Denver, a major transportation hub that may be cheaper than flying into cities like Casper, Wyoming, that are directly on the eclipse's path. "In order to accommodate as many people as possible, we have had to make some adjustments in the way we are organizing this event". The Colorado Department of Transportation has issued a heads-up about increased traffic that day, encouraging everyone to take extra precautions in regards to being careful on the roads.



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