U.S. warns China of sanctions over N

US President Donald Trump made the comments on North Korea as he left the White House on a trip to North Dakota

The official said that the sanctions are likely to deal a painful blow to North Korea as the scope of the penalties was expanded, but he declined to comment on specifics.

The official defended the USA mission from critics who say the sanctions were watered down, arguing an early draft from the US was given to the press to place pressure on any who might seek to soften the sanctions.

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on another round of sanctions against North Korea in response to the country's sixth nuclear test on Monday. The new measures include the first-ever cap on oil exports to the isolated state as well as a ban on its textile and labour exports.

The weakening of the sanctions reflects the longstanding rift between sanctions hawk Washington, and China and Russian Federation, which advocate direct talks and more efforts to find a resolution through negotiations.

The test, which the North said was a hydrogen bomb that could be fitted onto a rocket, came weeks after Pyongyang fired two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that appeared to bring much of the mainland United States into range. "If North Korea continues its unsafe path, we will continue with further pressure". "We are not looking for war", assured the us ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, who had last week assured that Pyongyang " did not ask it ".

Japan and South Korea said after the passage of the US-drafted Security Council resolution they were prepared to apply more pressure if Pyongyang refused to end its aggressive development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. But he criticized Trump's commentary on the North Korean crisis, which he said was making matters worse.

The move by the Security Council slaps a ban on textile exports and restricts shipments of oil products to punish Pyongyang for its sixth and largest nuclear test.

He told CNBC: "If China doesn't follow these sanctions, we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the United States and global dollar system, and that is quite meaningful".

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The resolution does ban North Korea from importing all natural gas liquids and condensates.

An original draft of the resolution made headlines as it sought to ban all fuels to the DPRK, while also authorizing member states to use force while inspecting suspicious North Korean vessels - neither proposal survived subsequent negotiations.

"We are acting in response to a risky new development", USA envoy Nikki Haley told the Security Council after the vote.

The US has a number of options to decimate an incoming North Korean nuclear missile. "But we also have an ability to shoot more than one interceptor", Davis said.

While preventing the DPRK from importing all natural gas liquids and condensates, according to some observers the United Nations resolution simply capped crude oil imports at the same level at which they had been over the previous 12 months, while limiting imports of refined petroleum products to 2m barrels per year.

A North Korean thermonuclear weapon is not a true "game changer" because it does not change the nature of the United States' problem. The resolution also requires those inspections to be done with the consent of the countries where the ships are registered, which opens the door to violations.

A USA official, familiar with the council negotiations and speaking on condition of anonymity, said North Korea imports some 4.5 million barrels of refined petroleum products annually and 4 million barrels of crude oil.



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