IOS 11: How to Use One Handed Keyboard with Your iPhone

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The newest operating system, iOS 11, marks the first time that 32-bit games will no longer run; previously, iPhone users were just warned that running 32-bit apps would slow down the system's overall performance. There are even switches to toggle Bluetooth and Wifi, and you'd probably expect them to work the way airplane mode does... in good ol' on/off fashion.

However, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are still technically available despite being turned off through the control panel, allowing the device to connect to new devices or join other wireless networks without having to reactivate the features through the Control Panel.

F-Secure hardware security head Andrea Barisani has urged Apple to change the Control Center toggle.

This is bad UI design for a number of reasons, but mostly because it might mislead users into believing they had deactivated their wi-fi and Bluetooth while both services remain on - something which shouldn't happen. One of the much needed feature is to turn on and turn off WiFi and Bluetooth, however the iOS 11 doesn't allow you to easily do so.

The dreaded Screen Recording button
The dreaded Screen Recording

What's more, some important Apple features - like AirDrop for sending files, AirPlay for music streaming and the Continuity tools that let people move easily between different Apple products - rely on both. Revamped Control Center is one of them.

As with most new Apple operating system releases, battery life seems to drain much more quickly after installation.

What confuses us is that if we wanted to use those features we would just, you know, switch on Bluetooth or Wifi.

Cnet says you will need to go to settings, control centre and customise controls and select "screen recording" to add the feature to the control centre. Similarly for Bluetooth Settings tab on Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth. According to official documentation, users who turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features of an iOS 11 device will only disconnect the iPhone or iPad from connections using them.

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