On Her Anxiety and 'Battle of the Sexes'

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After having doors slammed on her as a would-be sports writer based on her gender, Fornaciari accepted a marketing position with sports management firm Proserv, which worked primarily with tennis players.

Especially if you've never played tennis before, which was the case for Stone before she signed on to play King leading up to, and including, one of the most famous (and infamous) court confrontations of all time.

"Of course we [also] had fun talking about tennis". As the film heats up to the big championship showdown at the Houston Astrodome, he makes a fool of himself wearing amusing costumes and posing naked with his racquet, while Billie Jean King begins an affair with a hairdresser on the Virginia Slims tour named Marilyn (Andrea Riseborough) that she fears will destroy her career if the sponsors find out.

CARELL: (As Bobby Riggs) And I am a tennis player who says that he can beat any woman on the planet.

Beaufoy capped his research by sitting down with King for a marathon interview before writing the screenplay. She must play his game, or she will be taken to have lost to him. And the stock clips it does use, like Howard Cosell calling the match, saying that if Billie Jean King "grew her hair and took off the glasses, she could have a future as a movie star" really give a flavor of the casual sexism of the era.

As the boundary breaking women's tennis champion, Emma Stone captures the complex emotional and physical demands of portraying Billie Jean King with admirable authenticity. "I had to learn how to move on the court like her, how she served, her backhand and all of that". "But she's been incredible and doing all this stuff with us and it's been awesome".

"Tennis players are like warriors who singlehandedly take on each other", says director Jonathan Dayton. The two play real-life tennis stars, Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs who competed in a huge match in 1973 to prove whether women were comparable to men in the sport. She is feeling the first stirrings of love and lust but there's fear there, too, since she is a famously married celebrity.

Stop me if you've heard this story: A showboating misogynist whose antics are considered playful male banter goes up against a headstrong feminist who, in spite of her skills and intelligence is criticized for her appearance. Stone's nervous engagement with Barnett when they first meet, played in soft close-ups, is nicely contrasted with her fearless approach to tennis and the tennis establishment (personified by an officious Bill Pullman as the boss of the U.S. Lawn Tennis Association, which kicks the women out of its tournaments after they start their own). Riggs, 55, was desperate to stay relevant in a sport in which he had peaked 30 years earlier.

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"I'm really looking forward to having him [Trump] in Alabama ", Strange told reporters at the Capitol earlier this week. Since then, McConnell has been determined not to let it happen again - and has succeeded in every instance.

Which was when, along with all the public attention that was coming down on her, King was privately discovering her sexuality. So she practiced her footwork and body movements to play King. But she still felt the weight of what she called an "in-your-face turning point".

DAYTON: You know, I mean, it's amusing because raising our kids, we would, a lot of times, be in the vehicle - we had a van - and we would be talking about a project, and our kids would be sitting in the back.

More of that whole story was eye-opening for the actress. While I'm confident none of us would write a story the way the AP did after the Battle of the Sexes, many of us still treat women athletes differently than we do their male counterparts.

Miss Shue, who describes herself as a "tennis fanatic", said she was also drawn to the opportunity to work with talented actors like Mr. Carell.

"It becomes a hard topic just for me because other people might have answers that I haven't come to in fixing the industry at large, but because of the circumstantial nature of it - the way the budgets inflate or go down from movie to movie, or year to year the way a person's career moves", Stone said.

FARIS: We care a lot. She came out as gay in 1981.

And that's all we're really asking for these days. She doesn't really dwell that much on the past, so I think this was actually not easy for her to kind of revisit and relive some of these memories.

In a video made for a charity campaign, she said: "Life goes in stages, and it has always been something that I've lived with and that flares up in big ways at different times in my life".



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