Local Organization Offers Free Application Assistance for DACA Renewals

U.S. Sen. James Lankford speaks as Sen. Thom Tillis introduce the SUCCEED Act

DACA has been highly successful, and those who claim otherwise are the same xenophobic minority who falsely argue that immigrants are taking jobs from USA citizens.

Almost a month has passed since the Trump administration started a six-month countdown on ending the DACA program.

She said Texas was among the first to implement similar legislation, pioneering the cause by passing the Texas Dream Act of 2001, in House Bill 1403, that offered virtually the same protections as DACA. Yee said. "Of those, 7,271 have applied for DACA renewal". "These young men and women are some of the finest and most resilient students at our colleges and universities, often exhibiting unique character forged by the fire of adversity", Gaudino penned.

"In terms of the economy", Lopez-Torres said.

Due to the deadline for the renewal of the DACA, this program will help students with their applications up until this deadline, completely free of charge.

To qualify for the program, applicants can not have a felony record, must be a high school graduate or enrolled in school or in the armed services, entered the United States before their 16th birthday or before June 2007 and be under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012.

Not so. The U.S. economic recovery has already lasted 98 months, and national unemployment stands at 4.4 percent - 4 percent in Florida.

The DREAM Act vote should not be conditioned on inclusion of border enforcement for a presidential signature.

House Republicans, meanwhile, introduced a bill for border security measures, including $10 billion for the construction of "tactical infrastructure and technology" along the U.S. -Mexico border, including a wall.

The outreach to conservatives suggests the administration is trying to minimize the potential backlash from Trump's base over the Dreamer issue.

An immigration attorney will be the guest speaker there, answering questions.

At the end of this six month period, President Trump has stated that he will end the program.

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While talk in Washington has shifted to hurricane relief, North Korea, healthcare and budget priorities, the fate of 800,000 people remains in jeopardy.

Aja Husary, psychology major at Skyline College, opposed the President's tweets regarding DACA. And for those of you who think dreamers are all gang members and criminals, you'd be wrong, as usual.

"They have a powerful incentive to become citizens", she said. "They're basically being displaced into a country they've never lived in".

The Trump administration announced September 5 that it was ending the DACA program in six months, placing the onus on Congress to come up with a plan to address these 700,000 young men and women brought to this country by their parents.

The lawsuit was filed to block the Trump administration from ending the program entirely.

A federal judge in NY this week also called the deadline "heartless". Since then, DACA has allowed almost 800,000 immigrant youth to live, study and work in the country that for many is the only country they know and call home. Some 690,000 Dreamers are now protected under the program.

The president set a March 5, 2018, deadline for Congress to legislate protections for DACA participants, so it is up to Congress to immediately pass the bipartisan DREAM Act.

Top Democrats, however, still believe they have a partner in President Trump.

"What is most disturbing about [the] action to end DACA is the way it would rip families apart". Even Lankford and Tillis, who proposed the SUCCEED Act this week, say their bill should only be part of the proposal to legislatively address DACA. "We hope that people at least come in to get screened and get some advice from a lawyer before making that decision on their own", she said.

"I would rather point out that the federal government is completely exploiting DACA students and undocumented students".

Bat says, "I am happy to see so many Americans fighting for DACA kids like me, with multiple protests and several different states now suing him for his decision".



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