Barcelona: Thousands march against Catalan independence

Catalan Parliament Defies Madrid after Suspension of Independence Session

Tuesday also saw a general strike in Catalonia, while Spain and Catalonia wait to see whether the Catalan government will make a unilateral declaration of independence in the coming days.

Catalan officials say Puigdemont will be addressing parliament Tuesday at 6 p.m., and MPs are expecting he'll be submitting the declaration to the assembly at the time.

"The Spanish government wants to win 10-0", noted Arbs, adding that if there is a relationship between Barcelona and Madrid "it must be like ice".

The former Catalan leader says that both the Spanish Government and the King of Spain have helped recruit members to the independence cause in the past week.

She said she felt no reason to have to decide whether she was Catalan or Spanish.

Changing where they are legally registered would save Catalan companies from dropping out of the eurozone if the region did break from Spain, allowing them to retain access to European Central Bank financing.

Only 43 per cent of the electorate voted and many boycotted the poll which was ruled to be illegal by the Constitutional Court.

Mr Rajoy, however, has vowed to block any independence move and has also rejected calls for mediation in a dispute that has drawn cries of concern all over Spain, and even from Barcelona and Real Madrid footballers.

Jordi Sanchez spoke after appearing at Spain's National Court in Madrid as part of a sedition investigation.

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Unless there is a U-turn, he said, the Spanish state "will annul the autonomy, more repression, more police forces and we will have a military intervention". A lawyers' association supported by several institutions and organisations met with Puigdemont and other government officials on Friday afternoon.

A flight of businesses from the secessionist region accelerated Friday as CaixaBank, its largest lender, announced it's preparing to move its legal base.

Gas Natural said its board had chose to move its registered office to Madrid for as long as the legal uncertainty in Catalonia continued, joining moves by several other companies.

"We have a really bad situation now", Bartomeus said.

"We should start from scratch with no pre-conditions", Nuria Marin, the Socialist mayor of Hospitalet de Llobregat, said during the pro-dialogue demonstration in her large city near Barcelona. "You're not touching our Catalonia, because Catalonia is for everyone and Spain is for everyone." .

"There is a great deal of worry that the government has waited to play its last card too late", said off-duty cavalry colonel Joaquin Penas, 52, a flag on his back reaching almost to his ankles. The referendum was attended by about half of them.

But Sunday marks the second consecutive day of protests in Spain, with thousands marching on Saturday, calling for dialogue to defuse the tense situation.

The stand-off, reportedly sparked by small groups of the extreme right in the pro-Spain demonstration and which brought responding chants of "I am Spanish too" from the pro-dialogue supporters, finally ended without any serious incidents.

"There is a growing element of social frustration", said Alejandro Quiroga, professor of Spanish history at the University of Newcastle.



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