Hell in a Cell 2017: What worked, what didn't and what's next

Fred Yehi to WWE

This finish comes as no surprise if you've been watching WWE for the last few years. Then, as the two started going down the cell, Shane was able to catch Owens, slam him against the side, and Owens fell from halfway up through the Spanish announce table. Rusev and Orton seemed dead in the water after Orton's quick SummerSlam win, but after having Rusev turn it around on the Viper, I can safely say that this is a low-key must-watch feud. He also took a pop up powerbomb from Owens on top of the cell, in a moment that scared everyone watching. You would think that they'd try to make that special, and with Ric Flair being such an important part of Starrcade, why not have his daughter win it there?

But oddly enough, it's not the stunt itself that people are still talking about.

Owens pinned Shane shortly after the crash, after once again receiving help from Zayn. We've seen that before - less that two years ago, in fact. Thankfully the cell matches were excellent and the PPV ended in a way that will carry the storylines in the future thanks to the Sami Zayn heel turn. However, Owens turned on the former El Generico after the latter defeated Neville to capture the NXT Championship at NXT Takeover: R-Evolution.

And the insane thing is they actually told us about this in the peripherals of the feud.

I wonder if they have to use a safe word, so the refs and medics know the difference between pretending to be hurt and actually "oh fuck, call me an ambulance"? The landing was the first of two major spots in the match and the only one that Owens took in the match.

Out of all of the matches tonight, this is by far the most personal. Other highlights included Gable planting his heels to self-correct after a missed backwards moonsault (only to follow it quickly with a second, successful attempt) and a generally strong example of in-ring storytelling communicating the broad idea of an "in-sync" team (Gable & Benjamin) triumphing over an out-of-step duo (Hype Bros) who can't get on the same page.

There were so many sequences to get excited about. There was even an extremely creative spot as one of the Usos was trapped in the corner, and Xavier Woods trapped him with kendo sticks. I thought they succeeded in getting us emotionally invested in what we were matching, which is not an easy thing to do.

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