I'm Playing The Animal Crossing Phone Game, And It's Pretty Good

Animal Crossing mobile game details will finally be revealed on October 24

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has you customizing your own campsite with furniture. Just as you can customise your own appearance, you can customise your camper's interior and exterior as well, helped by OK Motors. The game runs in real-time, meaning there are likely to be events happening at certain times of day that will require grown-ups who know better to reorganise their whole working lives. They can make friends or even offer up some kudos if their campsite is especially inspiring.

Once you meet up with a friend you can exchange Bells for items or visit their campsite. Players will have to speak to the classic "Animal Crossing" character Cyrus to place an order to craft an item, according to GameSpot. To save time, players can choose to spend real money instead of completing tasks. Creating and placing certain objects in the camp site will make certain animals happy.

Leaf Tickets are another form of currency in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

As you might have guessed from the name, this edition of Animal Crossing finds us at a campsite with many new, and some familiar, animal friends. Leaf Tickets also get you access to special parts of the game where loads of resources can be gathered. Where the grind is something most people pay to avoid in phone games, in Animal Crossing it's often been the point, and something players have had to do regardless of the platform. The island also appears in game, along with a forest, river, and other locales to adventure in. That said, some of the main features include helping your animal guests through recreational activities like fishing or looking for fruit.

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The game will have seasonal events and limited-time items and outfits through game updates which will become available through free updates once the game has launched in November.

In a first for the series, you can also build relationships with your fellow campers by chatting with them and fulfilling specific requests. Those items are purchased with Leaf Tickets which can be acquired for free through gameplay, but also purchased using microtransactions. Visit them and use your Bells to purchase items.

If you're really, really excited, you can pre-register here and be notified as soon as it comes out.



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