Patients Worried About Future Of Medical Marijuana

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Hutchinson, a former head of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, said Arkansas particularly needs guidance on whether banks can legally perform transactions related to cannabis sales without the Obama administration's Cole memorandum, which Sessions rescinded.

U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello, a Chester County Republican, is now circulating a letter among his colleagues, looking for co-signers to object to Sessions' moves. Diana DeGette (D) and Ed Perlmutter (D). He said, "My opinion is this is a direct attack on states' rights and the will of the people in states".

Almost 30 states have legalized medical marijuana, but it still remains in unsafe drug in the eyes of some lawmakers.

"We believe we are obliged to heed their decision", the representatives wrote.

The U.S. attorney for Oregon, Billy Williams, said last week that the enforcement priorities listed in the Cole memo would continue to be the priorities of his office, but it's unclear if or for how long that stance will satisfy his superiors.

Peter Mlynarik's resignation from the Alaska Marijuana Control Board this past week highlights a basic issue of law and law enforcement.

Sessions announced Thursday that he was rescinding the Cole Memo, which put boundaries on marijuana-related issues that USA attorneys would prosecute.

Unlike Colorado's USA attorney, who explicitly said there would be no change in enforcement in the state, Lelling's statement has stoked fears and increased uncertainty over the possibility of a federal crackdown on Bay State pot shops.

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In just a couple of weeks, it will be up to Congress, not Attorney General Sessions, to decide whether medical marijuana keeps its protected status. Sessions, the first US senator to officially endorse Trump during his 2016 campaign, was nominated by the president for the AG position shortly after the election.

This amendment "means that there are not going to be federal funds spent to try to enforce any criminal actions based on medical marijuana", said Richardson.

Lelling's stance seems more aggressive than that of other US attorneys, the Globe noted, and came about shortly after sponsors of the 2016 marijuana legislation asked what his response would be to Sessions' decision.

"With no prior notice to Congress", Gardner added, "the Justice Department has trampled on the will of the voters in CO and other states".

Inslee, flanked by Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Sen. "I think that the statement of the Attorney General is that it is still illegal at the federal level and I support that", he said.

With the legal fig leaf provided by the Cole Memo, despite the federal ban on marijuana, state-legal marijuana businesses have been able to take root and grow despite the federal ban on marijuana.

"While it is far from a done deal, I am hopeful that we can attach language to the government funding bill to protect legalized recreational and medical marijuana", Polis said Tuesday.



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