Sea of Thieves Devs Cut Controversial 'Death Tax' Update Following Community Feedback

by Leslie Wood March 28, 2018, 1:00
Sea of Thieves Devs Cut Controversial 'Death Tax' Update Following Community Feedback

When you bite the bullet and find yourself on the ghostly ship of the afterlife, Rare wanted players to feel the sting in their pockets.

Last week Rare revealed through release notes on their official site that they would be implementing Death Cost, a death tax of sorts, meaning you would lose gold every time you died.

The executive producer Joe Neate took to Twitter to quell the idea that the change would still be coming to the game, so it looks like that's all squashed now.

Sea of Thieves Xbox One guide: How to defeat the Kraken Mon, March 19, 2018 SEA OF Thieves fans have already discovered how to defeat the Kraken. Granted, I always worry about developers dulling their vision of the game in favor of trying to please everybody, but in this case I think Rare's response was warranted - nobody likes losing money, especially when you die!

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support Explained: Can You Use a Controller on Mobile?
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Rare, the Sea of Thieves developer, previously announced in a forum post they were considering introducing a new "death cost" system to the game where players would get penalized for dying. Naturally for a game all about getting gold, this proved to be extremely unpopular within the Sea of Thieves community.

In the post, Neate also highlighted the main issues Rare has come across with Sea of Thieves now it is up and running, picking up especially on player griefing: "We are very aware of the topic of persistent player griefing (repeatedly being attacked by the same ships or players)".

The issue is currently specific to Sea of Thieves; the Xbox Live status page confirms that Game Pass access to the title isn't working correctly right now. The more preventable your death, the more gold you would stand to lose. Thanks for the feedback here.

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