Trudeau ought to side with Trump over Europe on Iran

by Antonio Miles May 13, 2018, 0:50
Trudeau ought to side with Trump over Europe on Iran

In announcing his long-telegraphed decision, Trump said he would initiate new sanctions on the regime, crippling the touchstone agreement negotiated by his predecessor.

"If we reach a clear decision on the JCPOA in a limited and specific period of time, we will witness a broader interaction between Iran and Europe. Since its adoption‚ the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action has contributed significantly to the reduction of tensions over Iran's nuclear programme and still has an important role to play in promoting peace‚ stability and the normalisation of relations‚" Ramaphosa said.

Under the deal reached in 2015 between Iran and six major powers, Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear programme in return for lifting most global sanctions that crippled the country's economy.

French President Emmanuel Macron also urged Europe on the same day to unite and exert a self-confident "European sovereignty" in the face of an increasingly complex world and unilateral American moves on issues such as the Iran nuclear deal and climate change.

He added that if those talks fail, Iran will once against enrich uranium "more than before ... in the next weeks". However, Tehran stressed that no part of the 2015 nuclear agreement is up for renegotiation.

"If another state had nuclear power I'd be OK with it ... because we've never actually had any nuclear strikes in history", Miles said.

Sanctions were also imposed against six individuals and three companies, after it was discovered they funnelled millions to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard's elite Quads Force.

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German auto giant Daimler has partnered with an Iranian company to sell trucks; Daimler's Mercedes-Benz division said last September it would invest $1 billion in the United States to expand an Alabama plant, hiring 600. The two countries have an extremely complex history that involved a CIA-orchestrated coup in the 1950s, a pro-American puppet monarch who was overthrown in 1979 via the Islamic revolution, and the infamous hostage crisis at the USA embassy in Tehran that followed the uprising.

The chant "Death to America" has always been used in Iran, going back at least to the 1979 Islamic Revolution. "After engaging with the U.S. Administration in a thorough manner over the past months, we call on the do everything possible to preserve the gains for nuclear non-proliferation brought about by the JCPOA, by allowing for a continued enforcement of its main elements". This would make any US sanctions on Iran much less potent (there will still be some significant bite). When the pact was finally settled in 2015, it was widely celebrated as a major diplomatic achievement.

Noting that Democrats, including Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, had voted against the 2015 deal, Mr Trump said that he had terminated "a awful, bad deal that should have never, ever been made". "We will remain committed to this agreement and try to do everything so that Iran also fulfills its commitments in the future". There is still an Iran deal to be had.

Germany's Angela Merkel, France's Emmanuel Macron and the UK's Theresa May issued a joint statement following Trump's announcement yesterday that the USA would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal - officially known at the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action - and re-impose sanctions on the country. "If we do nothing we know exactly what will happen".

European allies said reopening the deal now, particularly in relation to the sunset clauses, was impossible, especially given the adamant opposition of the other parties: Iran, Russia and China.

And yet, Trump referenced the Israeli intelligence documents as "definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie", in his speech announcing the USA was leaving the agreement. Some will return within 90 days, while others will be reimposed within 180 days.

In response, Netanyahu said that "Israel fully supports President Trump's bold decision to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with the terrorist regime in Tehran". I would advise them very strongly, ' U.S. president said.

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