Hulu Developing Internet TV Service To Compete With Cable Companies Hulu Developing Internet TV Service To Compete With Cable Companies
- May 03, 2016

Hulu may tune up a new video service as competition to cable TV. Though, the yet to be named Hulu service may not be the immediate answer to loads of answers consumers are asking; it does offer some measures of hope. Between the price and the fact that large portions of the country are on limited internet plans, Hulu or anyone else looking to get into the streaming game may have a tough road ahead. (more...)
Rita Ora: I'm not Becky with the good hair Rita Ora: I'm not Becky with the good hair
- April 30, 2016

Beyhives - as Beyonce's passionate, nearly to the point of oppressive, fan community are called - turned the heat on Rachel Roy, forcing her to make her social media account private after her Instagram post about having "good hair" was interpreted to mean she admits being Jay Z's mistress. (more...)
Men: Apocalypse gets final trailer ahead of release
- April 26, 2016

We don't get to see Hugh Jackman's face here, but if he's not in the movie and all we get is this shot then you can bet on some very unhappy X-Men fans. In the film, the immortal titular villain ( Oscar Isaac ) awakens after thousands of years, recruiting the disheartened Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and other mutants to create a new world order. (more...)
Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps: 'Stop the Bleeding,' Help Puerto Rico
- April 26, 2016

Time is not on the side of Puerto Rico , which is likely to default on hundreds of millions of in debt payments due at the start of May, even if Congress passes rescue legislation by then. "If you are massively in debt, and you can't declare bankruptcy, you are stuck". " Along with suicidal tax incentive declarations , 'Yeah we'll pay your bonds first, close the hospital, fuck the patients". (more...)
Prince 'treated for overdose' before death
- April 23, 2016

A Prince fan has shared what is thought to be the pop icon's final performance, before his death at 57. Sources also tell TMZ the multi-talented singer was spotted the night before his passing leaving a Walgreens, which he frequented often, but this time , he seemed nervous and skinnier than usual. (more...)
NY Primary Election is TODAY! Don't Forget to VOTE!
- April 20, 2016

Allegations of voter suppression against the New York Board of Elections was the center of the complaint. NY is one of a growing number of states across the nation who are facing these issues amidst increasing public pressure to make the election process more transparent to the public, as well as to make state primaries open to all voters, regardless of party affiliation - another request outlined in the lawsuit. (more...)