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Mississippi reports first case of Zika virus
- March 27, 2016

To date, there have been 22 travel-associated cases of Zika virus reported in California in 2015 to 2016. Six of those 18 cases involved the virus being sexually transmitted to the pregnant woman from a partner who tested positive. Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent infection and no specific antiviral treatment is available for Zika infection. Previously, the CDC recommended that men who have a pregnant partner and have traveled to areas where Zika is spreading should ... (more...)
CDC: If You Had Zika, Wait 8 Weeks to Get Pregnant
- March 26, 2016

Southern Nevada Health District medical epidemiologist Tony Fredrick said that the man was tested positive for the Zika virus during his trip on February 10 after he visited Guatemala. According to a statement from the agency, there is a very low probability of the disease being transmitted in Canada, since the climate is not suitable to the two species of mosquito capable of transmitting the virus. (more...)
'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12, Episode 15 Synopsis & Preview 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 12, Episode 15 Synopsis & Preview
- March 26, 2016

Elrod will reportedly play the role of Major Will Thorpe and may be Meredith's newfound love. At the beginning of the season, Meredith appeared to be coping well as she threw herself back into work, and while she experienced a few setbacks, it looks like she's ready to start dating again. (more...)
Microcephaly Strikes 1 In 100 Pregnancies After Early Zika Infection, Study Finds
- March 25, 2016

Dr. Irma Asuncion, head of the DOH Epidemiology Bureau, defined suspected cases as patients with three major symptoms-fever, conjunctivitis and skin rash-plus any of the following that can not be explained by other medical conditions: headache, myalgia or muscle pain, malaise, joint pain, retro-orbital pain or pain that occurs behind the orbit of the eye. (more...)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs And Features: 2016 Flagship Tops Consumer Reports Ratings Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs And Features: 2016 Flagship Tops Consumer Reports Ratings
- March 24, 2016

But the organization was less enthusiastic other aspects of the device, including the great 12-megapixel rear camera and the battery life. Consumer Reports has just completed its testing of the S7 and the larger S7 Edge. Tests from various websites show about 45 minutes more screen on time with the S7 Edge. Because of this, Consumer Reports ranked the Galaxy S5 as the number one phone until today. (more...)
Michigan reports 10th fatal case of Legionnaires' disease
- March 21, 2016

The goal of this clinic is to have all babies and children living in the high risk zip codes, 48501 through 48507 and those living in Burton and Flint Township receiving Flint water be tested for lead by April 1, 2016. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency in Genesee County. Corrosion controls were not used in the river water, causing lead to leach from aging pipes into some Flint homes. (more...)