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Islamic State 'would love to use chemical weapons,' Pentagon official says
- September 29, 2016

Mustard gas is fatal in large doses. "The number of coalition forces in Iraq is now 8,000 personnel, including 4,500 Americans", U.S. Army Lieutenant-Colonel John Dorian said at a press conference held at the U.S. "We fully recognise this is something that DAESH has done before". At the same hearing last week, Dunford said US forces have carried out about 30 strikes against "emerging chemical capability". (more...)
FDA approves lower-cost alternative to biotech drug Humira FDA approves lower-cost alternative to biotech drug Humira
- September 27, 2016

In a time when government wrangling about drug prices is more than commonplace, news of a biosimilar for the mega-blockbuster Humira being approved took the backseat to many other things. Serious side effects associated with adalimumab-atto include infections and malignancies. The most common expected adverse reactions with Amjevita are infections and injection site reactions, the FDA said in a news release. (more...)
Brain cancer now leading childhood cancer killer Brain cancer now leading childhood cancer killer
- September 21, 2016

By 2014, the researchers report that brain cancer surpassed leukemia as the leading cause of cancer death among American children and adolescents. "A shift occurred during the period, with brain cancer replacing leukemia as the leading type of cancer causing death" for that age group, the report says. (more...)
Chesapeake Energy slips as Icahn cuts stake to under 5% Chesapeake Energy slips as Icahn cuts stake to under 5%
- September 21, 2016

The difference between actual earnings and estimated earnings was $2,232.19 per share. Presently, Analysts decided consensus EPS estimate of $-0.02 for present quarter and one month ago projected EPS estimate was at $-0.03. The stock extended losses in late trading, falling almost 2 percent after already tumbling 7 percent in the Monday session. The stock's market capitalization has now valued at $5.22B. (more...)
Canyon County confirms state's third Zika case in 2016
- September 15, 2016

Zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause the pregnant woman to pass the virus to her fetus. Zika is caused by a virus which is primarily spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. These symptoms might last only a few days. Ubial ordered the strict monitoring of pregnant women in Iloilo. Republicans voted yes on $1.1 billion bill to fight Zika, which passed in the Houston but was swatted by Democrats in the Senate. (more...)
Bayer clinches Monsanto deal for $66 billion
- September 15, 2016

As first reported by FOX Business Network's Charlie Gasparino, Bayer agreed to pay $128 per share to acquire Monsanto in an all cash deal worth $66 billion. Grain prices are hovering near their lowest levels in years amid a global supply glut, and farm incomes have plunged. If completed, the 58.8-billion-euro deal would mark the largest-ever takeover by a German firm and would create one of the largest firms in the agribusiness sector. (more...)