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CDC: Link between Zika, microcephaly looks "stronger and stronger"
- February 06, 2016

Pregnant women who travel to areas where Zika is spreading should be tested for the virus within two to 12 weeks after they return, even if they don't have symptoms, the CDC said. Thursday's announcement came only hours after The Associated Press revealed that worldwide health officials were frustrated at Brazil's refusal to share enough viral samples and other information to answer the most worrying question about the outbreak: Whether the disease is truly causing a spike in babies born ... (more...)
CDC: Men who were in Zika areas should use condoms
- February 06, 2016

But the foundation urged pregnant women to take precautions and avoid crowds during Carnival. It has been linked to a rise in microcephaly - a condition in which babies are born with small heads and other complications. These symptoms can last a few weeks or several months. The disease causes illness including joint pain and high fevers in people who contract it. In most people it causes mild or no symptoms. (more...)
US, Colombia to team up on Zika research
- February 05, 2016

Experts at the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are warning that the spread of the Zika virus to the US could get worse before it gets better. Florida is the third most populous state in the country. That's exactly what Gov. Rick Scott said he's doing to help contain the virus that's made its way to the Sunshine State. (more...)
Argentina reports 2nd person with Zika virus Argentina reports 2nd person with Zika virus
- February 04, 2016

Health advisories have been issued to travellers to and from Zika-affected countries on how to protect themselves against mosquito bites. It is found in the southern United States , though no mosquito-borne transmission has been reported in the continental United States to date. (more...)
Zika virus threat prompts new blood donation rules Zika virus threat prompts new blood donation rules
- February 04, 2016

THE HSE'S DISEASE agency is urging men to wear a condom during sex for one month after returning from a country affected by the Zika virus . The risk of catching Zika from a blood donation is low, but the Red Cross , World Health Organization, and American blood banks are now recommending that those who wish to donate blood should defer donation voluntarily until the risk of blood-borne transmission is determined. (more...)
Patients In SC Undergoing Zika Virus Testing
- February 03, 2016

It's reasonable as well to demand that health officials at home and overseas move expeditiously to combat the virus and that they proceed on the assumption - as yet unproved - that the mosquito-borne virus can cause severe birth defects . One of the samples was negative for Zika and the other two results are pending. World Health Organization predicts there could be up to 4 million cases this year. (more...)