Health Care

WA adult diagnosed with Zika virus
- February 09, 2016

It is the first time the virus has been detected in saliva and urine, scientists told reporters in Rio de Janeiro. Pregnant women who are not experiencing symptoms consistent with Zika virus can be tested when they begin prenatal care. The U.N. human rights agency called for some nations to loosen strict laws against abortion and US health authorities recommended men who have visited areas with the Zika virus use condoms if they have sex with pregnant women. (more...)
Chipotle stores to open later on Monday for worker meeting
- February 09, 2016

Ells also announced a $10 million commitment to helping small farmers keep up with Chipotle's new food safety standards so that the company is able to continue sourcing food from local growers. Ells said he was deeply sorry that some people became ill after eating at Chipotle . "Many thanks", the next page says. "Our customers should never have to wonder whether the food is safe". (more...)
Daniel Bryan To Announce Retirement Tonight On Monday Night RAW Daniel Bryan To Announce Retirement Tonight On Monday Night RAW
- February 09, 2016

Some wrestling media have reported that Bryan sought to be released from his WWE contract so he could wrestle elsewhere, only to be turned down by management. Shortly after the concussion, Bryan told "Sports Illustrated" that he was working to get back to competing. This was a decision that WWE seems to have forced him into as Daniel Bryan had other plans that didn't pan out. (more...)
CDC steps up warnings about sexual transmission of Zika virus CDC steps up warnings about sexual transmission of Zika virus
- February 08, 2016

The UN agency is now working to warn people about potential effects of Zika virus on the health of women and babies. In newly issued guidelines about sexual transmission of the disease. Scientists have also documented a case in which the virus was detected in semen at least two weeks - and possibly up to 10 weeks - after the onset of symptoms. (more...)
Zika virus pregnancy case confirmed in Spain - first in Europe
- February 08, 2016

Zika, which is spreading through the Americas and can cause birth defects if pregnant women become infected, was declared an worldwide emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Monday. The city will continue to monitor the potential spread of Zika in the capital and update the fact sheet as needed. The CDC has recommended that pregnant women postpone trips to countries with Zika outbreaks, mostly in Latin America and the Caribbean. (more...)
Hillary Clinton: We Will Never Let the VA Be Privatized
- February 06, 2016

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders got back on the campaign trail in New Hampshire Friday after a feisty debate Thursday night. But it's important to keep in mind that the United States does not vote for presidential nominees in a national contest, but rather state-by-state, and Clinton holds significant leads in upcoming primaries in Florida and SC that could reinvigorate her supporters. (more...)