Qorus Software Presents at Microsoft Build 2016 Qorus Software Presents at Microsoft Build 2016
- April 02, 2016

Add-ins have been accessible on Windows, iPad, and the Internet for the past few years, and this implies that it is usual to see them unfurl on the Mac productivity suite too. For those familiar with the programming language, it seems easy enough to use, plus it's cross-platform, so you don't have to worry about making a new add-in specifically for Mac if you've already created one before. (more...)
San Bernardino Shooter Case Not Isolated — FBI vs Apple San Bernardino Shooter Case Not Isolated — FBI vs Apple
- April 01, 2016

Police found the iPhone inside the vehicle that Farook, an American citizen, and Malik - both alleged supporters of the Islamic State - were using to flee police when they were shot dead. It all comes down to the All Writs Act. "The problem is that the All Writs Act has never been applied in this way", said Andrew Crocker, a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based digital liberties group. (more...)
Oculus founder delivers first Rift headset to customer
- April 01, 2016

Ross Martin is the first person to pre-order Oculus Rift VR and Luckey personally hand-deivered the device to Ross. Luckey shared the news by posting pictures and live-streaming videos on his Facebook profile. The Oculus Rift release date came as the first of its rivals. "The Oculus has some advantages here: first to market never hurts, and Oculus still seems to retain a significant mindshare advantage by being the first of these modern VR headsets to go public", the publication wrote. (more...)
Build 2016: Microsoft HoloLens is Now Available
- April 01, 2016

While there is no denying, though, that Hololens is, indeed, changing the course of virtual reality, there is no word yet from Microsoft whether it is planning to release a consumer version of the headset . The said workstations still use the conventional PCs but with the addition of a Surface Pro 4 for touch and a HoloLens for 3D. Earlier this week, a representative from Object Theory was included in Microsoft's Build keynote speech and presented as one of the company's new ... (more...)
Apple fixes web link bug in iOS 9
- April 01, 2016

Apple today released an update to iOS 9 to fix an issue that made some apps like Safari and Mail unresponsive, and in some cases crashed them entirely, when trying to open links. But some developers, such as, associated their apps with all sorts of domains - too many domains to be precise. Steve Troughton-Smith and Ben Collier discovered the app had a 2.3MB Universal Links file, essentially listing every link on the site. (more...)
9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE Both Have 2GB RAM 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE Both Have 2GB RAM
- April 01, 2016

Looks-wise the iPhone SE is very similar to the 5S. As expected, Apple has launched its new 4 inch screen phone called Apple iPhone SE. That's smaller that the iPhone 6 series, which boasts screens ranging between 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. (more...)