Google boss becomes highest paid CEO in US Google boss becomes highest paid CEO in US
- February 10, 2016

She has been leading the cloud segment since November and was awarded $148 million worth equity a year ago when Google acquired her startup, Bebop Technologies Inc. While Pichai is receiving one of the biggest compensation packages, Amit Singhal, the longtime chief of Google's Internet search business and also an Indian-American, is leaving the company later this month. (more...)
Apple Said to Be on Course for Approval to Open India Stores
- February 09, 2016

Today's iPhone 7 renders show a rather good-looking handset that does away with bezels and includes a digital Home button with built-in Touch ID at the frame. Apple uses re-sellers in India for its products. While the latter speculation might prove correct, a Rose Gold 5SE is unlikely to materialize if a new report from Japan is to be believed. (more...)
Apple on course for approval to open stores in India
- February 09, 2016

However, it launched in more subtle Rose Gold option. Of the survey's 1,000 respondents, 42% of those who said they were planning to purchase an iPhone said that they would wait for the iPhone 7 to be released. Importantly, along with the rose gold color arriving for the iPhone 5se , in which "se" correlates to special edition, it is rumored that Apple will bring it to the iPad Air 3 lineup. (more...)
CDC widens Zika virus guidelines for pregnant women
- February 09, 2016

But officials recently detected a case of sexual transmission of the disease in Texas. The CDC said the link between Zika virus and severe birth defects is growing stronger by the day. Patricia Ruppert said the woman is not pregnant. In the meantime, efforts to combat Zika are focussed on protection from mosquito bites and eradication of the insect. (more...)
Twitter Users Blast Reported Plan To Change Display Of Tweets Twitter Users Blast Reported Plan To Change Display Of Tweets
- February 09, 2016

Users would see tweets based on what the company's algorithm thinks they want to see, instead of in the usual reverse chronological order. Brian Blau, an analyst with Gartner, said the algorithm could simply be offered to users as an option, but there might be other ways for the company and users to benefit from an algorithm making selections on Twitter feeds. (more...)
AL Dept of Public Health advisory regarding the Zika virus AL Dept of Public Health advisory regarding the Zika virus
- February 09, 2016

Thousands of babies have been born in Zika-affected regions with the birth defect microcephaly (although a causal relationship has not yet been scientifically established). Pregnant women without symptoms of Zika infection can be offered testing two to 12 weeks after coming home from Zika-affected areas. Zika is known to be spread by mosquitos, and was detected in large numbers in Brazil in 2015. (more...)