TEEN TALK: Teenagers and Valentine's Day TEEN TALK: Teenagers and Valentine's Day
- February 14, 2017

A day from now, many of us will be popping chocolates in our mouths and hugging our loved ones as we thank them for Valentine's Day gifts . This one works best for steady relationships. Pay tribute today to St. Valentine and do something special for the special person in your life and tell them, " Happy Valentine Day! ". We spend so much time on our phones and laptops, we could as well be married to them. (more...)
Best-ever Belichick will win fifth Super Bowl
- February 04, 2017

That should tell you something about the bond between Brady and Trump, if nothing else does. Friday is the ninth anniversary of Super Bowl XLII and Sunday is the fifth anniversary of Super Bowl XLVI. "I was 7 years old, a week from turning 8, and actually, I remember it being kinda boring [in the days leading up to the Super Bowl]", Matthews said . (more...)
Apple breaks iPhone sales record with 78.3 million units sold
- February 01, 2017

Revenue from services , largely driven by the App Store, is nearly on par with that derived from Macs , and is outstripping iPads. This time around Apple proved that it's still a tech giant worth owning. Outlook: Apple expects sales of $52.5 billion in the current quarter, based on the midpoint of its guidance. Analysts had expected revenue of $77.5 billion, according to CNBC , up 2 percent from the same quarter past year. (more...)
Android Instant Apps testing started Android Instant Apps testing started
- January 24, 2017

What are Instant Apps and How Do They Work? That's improved in recent years, and now with full Android app integration, things are changing a lot-for the better . With a couple more taps, the rest of the app can be downloaded in the background and installed for full functionality. But there's a major limitation here. (more...)
Wayne Rooney breaks Man Utd's goal scoring record Wayne Rooney breaks Man Utd's goal scoring record
- January 23, 2017

His strike was of pure genius, a goal Italian freekick masters Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero anad Francesco Totti would have be extremely proud of. With his 250 goal , he broke United legend Bobby Charlton's record. The quality of names on this list highlights the magnitude of Rooney's achievement. (more...)
Obamacare Repeal May Help Pharmaceutical Industry, Novartis Says Obamacare Repeal May Help Pharmaceutical Industry, Novartis Says
- January 20, 2017

Using her ACA health insurance, Straw was diagnosed with and treated for the autoimmune disease lupus."People are very, very concerned - and rightfully so", he said. It provides every American with the freedom to pick a plan that best fits his or her unique health care needs - not coverage mandated by Washington. "In this day and age, real-life town halls are very unsafe for all but the most seasoned politicians", John Feehery, a former senior House Republican leadership aide, told the Post. (more...)