Apple exploring the possibilities of charging devices over WiFi Apple exploring the possibilities of charging devices over WiFi
- April 28, 2017

The new design shows iPhone 8 with an edge-to-edge display bezel-less display along with a metallic case. The iPhone 8 release date is edging closer, and so the rumours surrounding the upcoming phone are growing in intensity. But more importantly, should this purported leaked internal design turn out to be true, Apple may have finally found the right formula in integrating the virtual fingerprint sensor. (more...)
Samsung Launches Galaxy S8 In India
- April 20, 2017

According to iFixit, the only positive thing about the phone's hardware and components is that most of it seems to be modular, so you can replace them independently as opposed to having to replace an entire group. Samsung Galaxy S8 features a 5.8-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED panel, whereas the S8 Plus features a slightly larger 6.2-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED panel. (more...)
Trump aide urges defeat of Michigan member of Freedom Caucus
- April 02, 2017

Ryan stands by the House Intelligence Committee chairman, Devin Nunes, who canceled a public hearing that could have embarrassed Trump after the White House stated its objection; went on a secret trip to White House grounds to gather what he considered exculpatory material and then released it publicly while keeping fellow committee members in the dark; and quarreled with the FBI for investigating Trump's Russian Federation ties. (more...)
Microsoft Details Windows 10 Creators Update Rollout Microsoft Details Windows 10 Creators Update Rollout
- April 01, 2017

The update is a noteworthy one, as millions of gamers presently use Twitch, an Amazon streaming service, for chatting and blasting aliens as they play the games on Microsoft Xbox One, their PCs and also Sony PS consoles. For Windows 10 users willing to let the magic happen on April 11 and beyond, they'll be able to customise the best time for the update to take place. (more...)
Speaker Ryan Spurns Health Care Talks With Democrats
- April 01, 2017

She decided over the weekend that she could better help Trump on the outside and said she was "excited" to continue pressing his agenda. But Weber said some of the friction eased by the end of the meeting, prompting House Speaker Paul Ryan to say that more give and take might have been useful in the health care effort. (more...)
Americans dislike GOP's, Trump's plan on health care Americans dislike GOP's, Trump's plan on health care
- March 31, 2017

Freedom Caucus members opposed the Trump-backed healthcare legislation in part because they said parts were too similar to the Obamacare law it was supposed to replace. In recent days, the president has been out of sync with the two highest ranking Republicans in Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (more...)