Sony Cagey on Xbox-PS4 Cross-Network Play
- March 19, 2016

We also have to look at policy issues and business issues as well". Xbox Head Phil Spencer promised further discussion about Universal Windows Platform (UWP) during the recent controversy surrounding accusations that Microsoft was attempting to build a closed ecosystem by Epic Games founder Phil Sweeney. (more...)
Zuckerberg's run in Beijing's toxic air stirs Chinese public Zuckerberg's run in Beijing's toxic air stirs Chinese public
- March 19, 2016

A user called Weibo noted that Zukerberg did so much "kowtowing" that he must have absorbed all the air pollution, so the sky became blue hours later. "Forgetting something? #Markzuckerberg Smog kills thousands every day". But commenters said he appeared to be trying to appease the authorities by not wearing a mask. (more...)
PlayStation's virtual reality headset to go on sale in October
- March 19, 2016

We're selling $599 with a controller , and with the remote, and with a couple of games ". Virtual reality is coming to your living room this October, with the release of the announcement the Playstation VR will launch this autumn, with costs starting at €445. (more...)
Sony allegedly working on new, more powerful 'PS4.5' console
- March 19, 2016

The bundle's pretty sweet too, not only coming with the required PlayStation Camera, but also two Move controllers and a Sony's version of Nintendoland called Playstation VR Worlds. There are still lots of big questions surrounding the device. It will eliminate the potential risk of motion sickness and provide game developers more to work with over time. (more...)
Mobile offering BOGO deal on Galaxy S7, S7 edge
- March 19, 2016

As a result, a number of reports have come through detailing that both devices are now available to buy instore and online from select carriers and select retailers. Customers opting for Galaxy S7 can have the smartphone without any downpayment but S7 Edge buyers will have to pay $59.99 upfront. Two of the ads feature Samsung's virtual reality headset Gear VR in a marketing move that comes as VR is expected to hit the mainstream. (more...)
SeaWorld ends killer whale breeding program SeaWorld ends killer whale breeding program
- March 18, 2016

The public outcry over the entire practice of captive orcas was sparked by the 2013 documentary " Blackfish ", which focused on the living conditions of captive killer whales and the dangers their handlers faced. The SeaWorld website cites pollution, environmental concerns, and other "man-made threats", along with the fact that the SeaWorld orcas - even those few not born in captivity but have lived there the majority of their lives - have become accustomed to being fed by humans, and ... (more...)