California farm workers on edge over historic overtime bill
- September 02, 2016

The strike fizzled with no legislative accomplishments under former Republican Gov. Ronald Reagan. He warned that the bill would place California farms "at an even further competitive disadvantage internationally and with other states", while at the same time hurting farmworkers because growers would inevitably be forced to cut back on the number of hours given to workers. (more...)
2 tropical depressions could strengthen into storms Tuesday
- August 31, 2016

Tropical Depression 9 has brought torrential rains over West Cuba, according to the National Hurricane Center . Forecasters said the hurricane was moving northeast at 6 miles per hour with maximum sustained winds of 100 miles per hour. (more...)
Potentially Life-Supporting Planet Found Orbiting Nearest Star
- August 30, 2016

The scientists, who collected data over 16 years, discovered the planet with data from the European Southern Observatory telescope in Chile by monitoring shifts in the light from the star to determine presence of the planet. "We know now there is at least one planet with some characteristics similar to the Earth ", Pete Worden, a former top NASA manager, was quoted as saying. (more...)
Two state election databases hacked, Federal Bureau of Investigation warns
- August 30, 2016

The FBI uncovered evidence earlier this summer that hackers breached Arizona's state election database but no voter information was compromised, state officials said. Rich Barger, chief intelligence officer for the cybersecurity firm ThreatConnect, echoed the Federal Bureau of Investigation official, calling it a cause for concern. (more...)
Australia plan for vote on gay marriage hits stumbling block
- August 30, 2016

That leaves the opposition center-left Labor Party as the government's only hope of getting the Senate to back holding a popular vote on same-sex marriage. "We believe this money could be better spent", it said. A total of 38 votes are required to block legislation in the Senate, meaning the plebiscite can now only go ahead with support from Labor's 26 senators. (more...)
Apple may build a FeliCa chip into next-gen Japanese iPhones Apple may build a FeliCa chip into next-gen Japanese iPhones
- August 28, 2016

Apple wants to build a chip into iPhones from Japan so users will have just to wave their phone in front a payment terminal. But instead of the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology used by Apple Pay, the iPhone would use FeliCa , a mobile tap-to-pay standard in Japan developed by Sony, unidentified sources told the news outlet. (more...)