UN chief 'sure' Trump will reconsider climate change stance UN chief 'sure' Trump will reconsider climate change stance
- November 16, 2016

Kenneth Berlin, CEO of the Climate Reality Project, which was founded by former USA vice president Al Gore, warned that Trump's election could be a disaster for global efforts to tackle climate change. "I remain very optimistic about our effort to combat climate change". "Elsewhere in the country a series of devastating floods has afflicted us since 2012, affecting more than 2 million people", he said. (more...)
President-elect Trump means angst for 'Obamacare' consumers
- November 12, 2016

Those are two of several questions that advocates and observers are posing about how Trump plans to replace the Affordable Care Act, which bars insurers from denying covering to people with pre-existing health conditions. "Well more than likely it will involve the repeal of the tax credits". "I should not have to worry about being able to get health insurance while I am fighting for my life", says Elledge. (more...)
Elementary students to honor Veterans Friday
- November 11, 2016

Our students are so proud to have their family represented in the Veterans Day photo exhibit. This year will mark the sixth year of Petal High School students hosting this program, while the senior cadets have participated in helping out for four years. (more...)
Wade a winner again in Miami, Bulls top Heat 98-95
- November 11, 2016

At the time, his decision was shocking. An overall fast-paced exciting game. The Heat remained with the same starting lineup for the seventh time in as many games, with Dion Waiters opening defensively at shooting guard against Wade, as well as Luke Babbitt again opening at power forward. (more...)
Election Day: Americans choose between Clinton and Trump
- November 09, 2016

Clinton was projected to win in Vermont with three electoral college votes, IL which has 20, MA with 11, Rhode Island (four), New Jersey (14), Maryland (10), DE (three) and Washington DC (three). "Anger is not a plan", the Democratic presidential nominee said in Pittsburgh, Pa. On Monday, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump finished off their final day of campaigning. (more...)
The Trend Toward Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
- November 08, 2016

Prosecution and punishment due to marijuana possession will be eliminated with legalization, which would save the taxpayer's money. Advocates for legal marijuana contend prohibition has failed and Proposition 64 will allow the state to regulate the sale and distribution of cannabis much like it already does with alcohol. (more...)