The New iPad vs. 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air 2
- March 24, 2017

The standard version will be $329, with a $459 upgrade with a Wi-Fi and Cellular model. However, on the Apple website, the new iPad is being sold now for $329 for 32 GB and $429 for 128 GB. Fans of the wireless Apple AirPods will now be able to more easily find them with a Find My AirPods feature, and a new Apple ID profile will give easier access to settings and profile information. (more...)
Concerns for Meals on Wheels funding in the Savannah area
- March 23, 2017

Several Watsonville City Council members are slated to make deliveries on Friday. Ezell says they are happy to see the volunteers on a regular basis, even though it is for very short visits. That number would increase dramatically if the president's budget plans are approved. Financial officer for Caddo Council on Aging, Monica Wright says, "it has brought more awareness to the program". (more...)
Google Details Android O Release Timeline
- March 22, 2017

No news yet on when it gets a proper name. As an example, Google shows both the squircle- and round-style icons which can be deployed in Android O. Continue reading Korea Portal for getting more updates of your favorite gadgets. Not only that, it seems that Google may have planned to bring enough enhancements to the MediaRecorder API, which will allow apps to capture audio and video in order to store information in persistent storage. (more...)
No. 1 seed SC cruises to 90-50 opening NCAA win No. 1 seed SC cruises to 90-50 opening NCAA win
- March 21, 2017

Freshman Miles Wilson scored 22 points as the Mountaineers (20-16), who edged New Orleans in a First Four matchup on Tuesday, gave the defending champions all they could handle in the first half. "But just come in and bring energy". It was hard to call this anything other than a home game for SC, whose campus is 2 hours east and whose fans filled the arena. (more...)
How the USA interest rate rise will effect your bank balance How the USA interest rate rise will effect your bank balance
- March 18, 2017

A few years ago, markets reacted very strongly to rumors of a possible Fed rate increase. In 2016, the Fed lifted rates once. She wrote that means the FOMC didn't raise the rate as high as expected and will tolerate some overshooting of inflation. (more...)
Federal Reserve raises rates as expected Federal Reserve raises rates as expected
- March 17, 2017

Local housing loan rates are expected to rise this year, say experts . "The simple message is - the economy is doing well". Trump has also said the Fed's low-rate policy had propped up a "very false economy", and that low rates had hurt hurt savers by giving them minimal returns on their savings. (more...)