Donald Trump's New Hampshire backers praise vets rally
- February 01, 2016

A Suffolk University poll released Thursday gave him a 15-point lead over US Senator Ted Cruz and three other candidates battling for second place. Practically speaking, there is no way Trump's event could have out-rated the debate. In 2011, Trump told Kelly that "you've done a great job by the way and I mean it". So was the Trump-less Fox News debate a ratings disaster or a ratings win for Fox? "We have to stick up for ourselves as people and we have to stick up for our country if ... (more...)
Colombia has more than 2000 Zika cases in pregnant women
- February 01, 2016

The number of pregnant women in Colombia infected with the Zika virus has doubled in a week, officials said . The Korea Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has also been sending text messages to people travelling in regions where Zika has spread to inform them of the disease and preventive measures. (more...)
Risk of Zika spreading in Europe extremely low Risk of Zika spreading in Europe extremely low
- February 01, 2016

Dr. Gregory Taylor said there have been four recent cases in Canada - two in British Columbia, one in Alberta and a newly disclosed case in Quebec, all of them involving people who recently travelled to affected areas. Legacy Community Health warned pregnant patients to avoid travel to countries on Centers for Disease Control's Zika Virus warning list. The mosquito-borne illness may cause birth defects . (more...)
GOP Trump-less in Final Debate Before Iowa Caucuses GOP Trump-less in Final Debate Before Iowa Caucuses
- January 31, 2016

Cruz is also hitting Rubio while in Iowa, saying that Americans are "tired of being burned by politicians who claim to be against amnesty..." Trump is leading in most polls, so, at the least, he can benefit from low debate viewership. (more...)
DA Responds to Indictment of Planned Parenthood Filmmakers DA Responds to Indictment of Planned Parenthood Filmmakers
- January 29, 2016

The defense attorneys also said today that the Tampering with a Governmental Record cases should not have been charged as a felony since young people who are caught with fake ID's typically face misdemeanor charges. PPGC has posted a photo of Lauren Reeder appearing at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser wearing a halter top and hot trousers on its Facebook account. (more...)
Advocates Sue Flint Over Poisoned Drinking Water
- January 29, 2016

Snyder and staff did not speak to reporters. NAACP President and CEO Cornell Brooks drew a direct connection between Flint's socioeconomic factors and the toxic drinking water. The head of a local nonprofit will be in Flint , Mich., today and Thursday to help students there share how they are coping with the city's water crisis. (more...)