Donald Trump leads John Kasich by 3 points in Pennsylvania
- April 01, 2016

The photo actually was used by a super PAC that is independent of Cruz's campaign. "Donald doesn't like strong women", he said , at one point deeming the billionaire a "loud, NY bully". His only hope is in a contested convention in the summer. According to the latest CNN estimate, Trump leads the race with 741 delegates, Cruz has 461 and Kasich, who has only won his home state of OH, has 145. (more...)
Hillary Clinton confronts Trump in NY ad
- March 31, 2016

For her part, Clinton's campaign has started organizing meetings around the state. Now that she's running against Bernie, she's very for gun control. While he has managed to win a fair number of pledged delegates through the primary process, Clinton has secured 469 superdelegates to Sanders' 29. (more...)
Bernie Sanders adds Hawaii win to success in Alaska, Washington Bernie Sanders adds Hawaii win to success in Alaska, Washington
- March 31, 2016

After Saturday's contests, the former secretary of state led Mr Sanders by just under 300 pledged delegates in the race for the 2382 needed to be nominated. Right now we have a lot of momentum. Feeling the Bern in B.C. He also urged super delegates , among whom Hillary has a 15-1 lead, to switch to his side. (more...)
Trump On SCOTUS: I'll Appoint People Who'd Look 'Seriously' At Clinton Emails
- March 31, 2016

As far as she's concerned, if the solution to America's problems are "building walls" and "banning people based on their religion", then New Yorkers know better. A huge crowd filled the historic Apollo Theater for Wednesday's event, and the crowd reflected the diverse but older collection of voters that have carried Clinton to a lead over her rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. (more...)
Trump Abandons Pledge To Support Republican Nominee
- March 31, 2016

And Kasich said if the nominee turned out to be someone who "is really hurting the country and dividing the country", he simply wasn't sure. Alaska Republican Chairman Peter Goldberg said his party would normally strip Rubio of his delegates-in fact, it had already made plans to divvy them up between Trump and Ted Cruz. (more...)
A victory for public school teachers
- March 31, 2016

The lead plaintiff in the latest case was Rebecca Friedrichs, a public-school teacher from Orange County, Calif., who said she resigned from the California Teachers Association over differences but was still required to pay about $650 a year to cover bargaining costs. (more...)