New sign-up season; new woes for Obama health law
- October 29, 2016

As premiums rise, subsidies increase. What do the presidential candidates say they'll do about it? The premium hikes and withdrawals of big insurers such as UnitedHealth Group (UNH) have landed Obamacare back in the middle of the political debate, with Republican Donald Trump predicting the law "is just blowing up". (more...)
Baseball hopes to beat rain, get in Game 2 of World Series
- October 27, 2016

Perez, who hit just.183 with three homers in 153 regular season at-bats, joined Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome as the only Indians with a multi-homer game in the playoffs. Kenny Lofton needed some help to get to Cleveland to throw out the first pitch before Game 1. Chicago did threaten a comeback in the seventh inning. (more...)
Dodgers beat Cubs 6-0 for NLCS lead; Game 4 tonight Dodgers beat Cubs 6-0 for NLCS lead; Game 4 tonight
- October 25, 2016

In addition, Maeda would be pitching in Game 5 on four days of rest, a situation the Dodgers tried to avoid in the second half of the season. Hill hasn't thrown more than 93 pitches since being acquired from the A's in August. "With what he's done, what he's given us in October is really something special", Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. That's been especially true for Rizzo, the cleanup hitter who finds himself mired in a vicious slump for the second straight postseason. (more...)
50000 vote before lunch in Harris County as early voting begins 50000 vote before lunch in Harris County as early voting begins
- October 25, 2016

Given that incumbents tend to win most of the time, the representatives elected this year will likely still be around come 2020 when redistricting begins. "We normally don't vote on college campuses, but we want to try to reduce the impact on some of our other locations ", Pippins-Poole said. Early voting was recently reinstated in North Carolina, after a federal court struck down the state's voter ID law. (more...)
Don't care two hoots about Speaker Paul's support
- October 24, 2016

The GOP has been gripped by infighting since a 2005 video surfaced last week showing Trump describing women in vulgar and sexually aggressive terms. Trump has completely lost it. "I suspect whatever he said would be a no-win for unanimity" among Republicans, former Rep. Tom Reynolds, R-N.Y., who led the House GOP's campaign organization a decade ago, said Wednesday. (more...)
GOP needs to own dissent regarding Trump candidacy
- October 20, 2016

Democrats face a tough climb as they try to gain 30 seats to take over the House. Toomey indicated he remains on the fence regarding Trump . And he says voters will turn out in unprecedented numbers because they can see through Trump's "shameful attempts to undermine an election weeks before it happens". (more...)