Appeals court hears oral arguments in 'Deflategate' case
- March 05, 2016

Kessler said the league's investigator never asked for the phone. But Judge Richard Berman ruled against the National Football League a week before the season began, eliminating Brady's suspension. The NFL lawyers got grilled by Berman the same way last summer, and that did end up telegraphing his decision. Honestly, the National Football League winning its appeal here would be the most shocking thing to happen in this whole freaky shitshow. (more...)
Malaysia ex-leader Mahathir leads national bid to oust Najib Malaysia ex-leader Mahathir leads national bid to oust Najib
- March 05, 2016

Mahathir, longest-serving prime minister of Malaysia, joined hands with opposition leaders, activists and some ruling party veterans in signing a declaration calling for the removal of Najib "through non-violent and legally permissible means", Xinhua reported. (more...)
CDC reports cases of Zika among pregnant women
- March 04, 2016

Of the other eight women, two had miscarriages, two aborted their fetuses after MRIs and ultrasounds showed evidence of brain malformation, two had healthy babies, and two other women are still pregnant with apparently healthy babies. In January, the CDC advised pregnant women to consider postponing travel to areas where active transmission of Zika is occurring. They are recommended to either use condoms, every time, or do not have sex during pregnancy. (more...)
Polls: Kasich last in MI
- March 04, 2016

But for Kasich to have a shot at the nomination, he also needs Rubio to beat Trump in Florida and keep the state's 99 winner-take-all delegates out of Trump's hands. Kasich said at a news conference in Detroit that "it is important that we stop Mr. Trump", but he said that could be accomplished by drawing contrasts with him on policy and record rather than character and personality. (more...)
Irish PM says open to talks with main rival
- March 03, 2016

Kenny's center-right Fine Gael party is set to fall about 30 seats short of the 80 needed to form a majority in parliament with counting nearly complete, leaving historic rival Fianna Fail as the only obvious partner to form a stable government. (more...)
Cardinal says should have done more to stop Aussie pedophile Cardinal says should have done more to stop Aussie pedophile
- March 02, 2016

Australian Cardinal George Pell was a priest in the 1970s in the town of Ballarat where he advised Bishop Ronald Mulkearns about the placement of priests within the diocese. Around 15 abuse victims and supporters have travelled to Rome to see Pell give evidence after he said he was unable to travel to his native Australia because of heart problems. (more...)